Amulet of N'Tala
Return to Gaylin in Shrouded Hills and she will tell you the location of Quintarra
Wgt: 1
Myrth in Stillwater has it (after you speak to Loghaire of the Wheel Clan)
Arbalah's Sacred Artifact
Return to Arbalah and he will give you a blessing
Wgt: 10
Threaten the bandit Fahrkus by the Crash Site
Bessie Toone's Boot
Give to Ristezze in Shrouded Hills for information about P. Schuyler & Sons
Wgt: 10
Found in the Bessie Toone Silver Mine in Shrouded Hills
Give to Ristezze in Shrouded Hills and he will tell you about the ring you received from the Gnome
Wgt: 10
On the body of Isaac Zapruder at the Crash Site.
Case of Ale
Give to Mirand Tears in the tavern in the Boid to join Pollock's gang
Wgt: 10
In a warehouse on the north side of the Boil in Tarant
Case of Whiskey
Deliver to Caleb Malloy for a reward
Wgt: 10
From Biggs on the Garrillon Bridge
Chest of Gold
Give to King Praetor in Dernholm for a reward
Wgt: 300
Return Ceremonial Dagger to the Mayor of Black Root
Crystal Ball
Bring to Delores Beston and then return it to Madame Toussaude for a blessing
Wgt: 150
Madame Toussaude at 77 Devonshire Way in Tarant
Empty Vial
Show to the guard in front of Jormund's home in Quintarra to prove Sharpe's guilt
Wgt: 1
In a vase in Sharpe and Ivory's shop in Quintarra
Eyes of Sir Garrick Stout
Bring to Adkin Chambers in Stillwater to prove you have killed Sir Garrick Stout and he will train to be a Master of Dodge
Wgt: 2
Kill Sir Garrick Stout of Dernholm
Deed to the Bessie Toone Mine
Give it to one of Bessie's children to put her spirit to rest
Wgt: 2
Buy it from Stanton at 25 Lions Head in Tarant
Gem of Malachi Rench
Give you Geoffry Tarellon-Ashe outside the Ashbury cemetary for a reward
Wgt: 2
In the catacombs beneath the Ashbury cemetary
Gift for Mrs. Regina Halster
Give this to Mrs. Regina Halster to patch things up between her and her husband
Wgt: 10
Madam Lil on Devonshire in Tarant will ask you to give this gift to Mrs. Halster
Gladys' Ring
Give it to Gladys in Dernholm
Wgt: 1
Pickpocket it from Archibald in Dernholm
Golden Idol of Kree
Give to Thaddeus Mynor in Tarant for a reward
Wgt: 500
On the altar in Kree
J.T. Morgan's Master Locksmith Tools
Give to T.J. Morgan in his cell in the High Security Prison of Caladon
Wgt: 10
Mrs. Morgan in her home in Roseborough
Kerghan and Persephone
Return to Evelyn Garringsburg in her residence on Devonshire Way in Tarant for a reward
Wgt: 10
In the back room of 57 Mulligan Bone Alley in Tarant
Magical Trap
Close the portal by Liam's Workshop by Blackroot
Wgt: 100
In Liam's Workshop by Blackroot and on Liam's body by the portal
Norian's Potato Moonshine
Deliver to Maximillian on the Isle of Despair
Wgt: 20
Norian in the town on the Isle of Despair
Old Sprocket
Repair the Shrouded Hills town stream engine
Wgt: 10
In Toone's mine in Shrouded Hills
Package for Jongle Dunne
Deliver to Jongle Dunne in Shrouded Hills for 70 gold
Wgt: 10
Charles Dolan in Dernholm
Potion to Heal the Blind
Give to Adkin Chambers to restore his sight
Wgt: 10
Free Lady Druella for Garrett Stout of Dernhol and return her to him
Skulls of the Ren'ar Siamese Twins

Wgt: 30
In the locked building at 17 Quilton Bend in Tarant
Statue of the Goddess Geshitianna
BE +2, CH +1; return to Brigitte in Stillwater for the goddess' blessing
Wgt: 10
Marley at the southeast edge of Stillwater
Stillwater Giant Pelt
Give to Myrth to learn the way to Qintarra
Wgt: 10
H.T. Parnell's at 17 Kensington Broadway in Tarant
Stillwater Trap
Use it to capture a Stillwater Giant
Wgt: 10
Stanley Xavier Hippington of Stillwater
Terms of Agreement
Give to Mr. Willoughsby for a handsome reward
Wgt: 10
Negoatiate fair terms for entering the United Kingdom with Caladon's council
"The Hand"
Give it to Ogdin on the Isle of Despair to avoid fighting in the pit
Wgt: 30
In a locked barrel on the dock in Ashbury
Toy Train
Give this heirloom to Vegard Moltenflow of the Wheel Clan for a Miner's Helmet
Wgt: 10
In a chest near the center of the Dredge behind a locked door
Trevor Lynwood's Camera
Use it to take a picture of the Lethe Wyvern
Wgt: 50
Trevor Lynwood in the Roseborough Inn in Roseborough
T'sen Ang: Horror Among the Dark Elves
Tells you the location of T'sen Ang, the city of Dark Elves
Wgt: 30
In Victor Misk's grave in Roseborough
Vendigroth Device
Can utterly destroy a mage
Wgt: 10
In the Vendigroth Ruins
Vial of Dragon's Blood
Use it on the crumbling skeleton in the Ancient Temple to release Torian Kel from the curse
Wgt: 10
Click on the pool of blood on the 2nd level of the Dungeon of the Dragon Pool
Volar's Wisp Essence
Bring one to Whysper in Quintarra for a Scroll of Succour Beast
Wgt: 2
Volar Wisp in Glimmering Forest or
Wheel Clan Spectacles
Allows you to see the entrance to the Wheel Clan
Wgt: 10, HP: 10
Thorvald on the Isle of Despair; Raymond of Raymond's Spectacles in Ashbury for 1000 gold and a Kathorin Crystal; Combine Eye Glasses with a Kathorin Crystal