Bugs in the Cellar
1200 ex, 5 gold
  • Grisella in the Winter's Cradle Tavern in Easthaven will tell you that she has a pest problem in her basement.
  • Go down into the cellar of the tavern and defeat the beetles.
  • Return to Grisella and she will thank you.
  • The Wolf
    1200 ex, 25 gold, Apsel's Dagger
  • Apsel in Easthaven will ask you to kill a wolf inside his shop.
  • Enter Aspel's shop by either picking the lock or bashing in the door.
  • Defeat the wolf and return to Apsel for a reward.
  • The Drunken Fisherman
    1200 ex, 6 gold
  • Old Jed in Easthaven will ask you to fetch some wine for him.
  • Enter Pomab's Emporium and buy a bottle of wine. Give the bottle to Old Jeb so he can get drunk again.
  • Damien
    1200 ex
  • Damien will run up to your party just as you approach the bridge in Easthaven screaming that monsters attacked him and he dropped his fish.
  • Go south and defeat the goblins. Take the fish bones from the Goblin Elite.
  • Return what was left of the fish to Damien.
  • Ogre with a Headache
    Kuldahar Pass
    1200 ex
  • Ghereg the ogre in the tower in Kuldahar Pass will complain that his hurts.
  • Tell Arundel the druid in Kuldahar about him and he will tell you a recipe that will help the ogre.
  • Return to Ghereg and give him the recipe.
  • Elisia's Song
    2400 ex, Pearl
  • Jhonen, near the shore in Easthaven, will tell you about strange dreams that he has been having.
  • Speak to Elisia, a blue-skinned being in the southwest corner of Easthaven. She will ask you to give the Shattered Sword of Aihonen to Jhonen.
  • Give the shattered sword to Jhonen and tell him who was causing his dreams.
  • Return to Elisia to report that you gave Jhonen the sword. She will reward you with a pearl.
  • The Mill
    Kuldahar Pass
    2400 ex
  • In Kuldahar Pass between Easthaven and Kuldahar, you will find a mill that has been pillaged by goblins.
  • Enter the mill and defeat the goblins and orcs.
  • On the second level, there is a closet in the top-right corner. Speak to Jermsy inside and he will find the courage to leave the mill and go to the temple in Kuldahar.
  • Mirek's Heirloom
    Vale of Shadows
    2400 ex
  • The frieghtened Mirek on the west side of Kuldahar will tell you that he and his brother were attacked by Yeti's in the Vale of Shadows. His brother was killed and their family heirloom is missing.
  • Go to the Vale of Shadows and defeat the Yeti Chieftain in front of the Yeti cave in the center of the area.
  • Take the necklace from the Yeti's body and return it to Mirek in Kuldahar.
  • Free Sheemish
    Dragons' Eye
    2400 ex
  • From the beginning of the second level of Dragon's Eye, go west and then south to find some captive children.
  • Speek to Sheemish, Conlan's son, and tell him that all the enemies have been defeated and that he can go home.
  • Rescue Egenia
    Dragon's Eye
    3600 ex
  • Defeat the Talonite priests and the trolls in the southwest area of the 2nd level of Dragon's Eye to rescue Egenia. She will decide to stay where she is until Kuldahar is safe from evil.
  • Solonor Tower
    Solonor Tower
    24000 ex, Edley's Sling
  • Denaini on the 1st floor of Solonor Tower in the Severed Hand will ask you to lay to rest the priests in the tower.
  • Defeat all the shadowed elves in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the tower and return to Denaini.
  • Mythal Theory
    Labelas Tower
    24000 ex, The Elfbone Ring of Kiran-Hai
  • Orrick in Kuldahar will tell you that he is looking for information on powerful elven magic called mythals.
  • Borrow the book "Mythal Theory" from Custhantos the librarian in Labelas Tower.
  • Return to Kuldahar and give the book to Orrick and he will reward you.
  • Razorvine Extract
    Dorn's Deep
    42000 ex
  • Speak to Bandoth in the northeast corner of the cavern area of Dorn's Deep and ask him how to get to the lower levels of Dorn's Deep. He will ask to find his apprenctice with some razorvine extract first.
  • Enter the ettin cave in the south part of the area. Take the razorvine extractrazorvine extract from the body.
  • Return to Bandoth with the extract and he will tell you how to get to the lower levels.
  • Holy Water
    Solonor Tower
    52500, Sune's Laurel of Favor
  • Denaini on the 1st floor of Solonor Tower will explain that she needs holy to restore the pools.
  • Climb to the top floor of Solonor Tower and take the Barrel of Holy Water from one of the chests.
  • Return the Holy Water to Denaini and the pools in front of the statues will once again be filled with water.
  • Evayne's Journal
    Hall of Heroes
    56000 ex
  • Larrel, the undead elf lord at the top of Lebelas tower in the Severed Hand, believes that his daughter was a fool for trusting the dwarves and that they murdered her.
  • Find Evayne's Journal in her tomb in the Hall of Heroes in Dorn's Deep.
  • Show Larrel the diary so that he will know the truth about the dwarves.
  • Food for the Gnomes
    80000 ex
  • Tarnelm the gnome in the Oubliette in the northwest corner of Lower Dorn's Deep will ask you party to find food for them.
  • Enter the palace in the northeast corner of Dorn's Deep and find a sack of potatoes in the kitchen on the first floor.
  • Give the food to Tarnelm in the Oubliette.
  • Rescue Guello
    The Mines
    80000 ex
  • Speak to Beorn in the gnone village in the Oubliette. He will ask you to rescue their high priest Guello from the mines.
  • Enter the mines in the southeast corner of Lower Dorn's Deep and defeat Shikata, the Salamander King.
  • Speak to Guello in the mines and he will thank for you defeating Shikata.
  • Return to the gnome village in the Oubliette and speak to Guello again to gain experience.
  • The Watchtower
    Lower Dorn's Deep
    80000 ex
  • Ask Fengla in Lower Dorn's Deep for the key to the watchtower
  • Enter the watchtower and defeat Kelly and the other Tower Archers.
  • Once you have killed Kelly, Fengla will enter the tower and thank you. You can use the top floor of the tower to rest without being disturbed.
  • Frostbite
    Frost Giant Cave
    120000 ex
  • Davin, a slave of the frost giants in their lair in Wyrm's Tooth Glacier, will tell you that slaves are taken away and fed to a beast.
  • Defeat Frostbite, a white wyrm, and return to Davin to inform him of its demise.
  • Vera
    Frozen Temple
    140000 ex
  • On the west side of the upper level of the Frozen Temple you will find a slave named Vera who is hiding from the salamanders.
  • Speak to the slave leader Gareth in the lower level of the temple and tell him that you saw Vera and that she is OK.
  • After you have freed the slaves, return to Vera and tell her of the slaves' escape.
  • Free the Slaves
    Frost Giant Cave
    180000 ex
  • Davin, in the Frost Giant Cave in Wyrm's Tooth Glacier, will ask your party to clear an escape route for them.
  • Either defeat Joril, the leader of the frost giants, or defeat the guard to the north and clear out all the enemies in the cave to the north.
  • Return to the slaves and tell them that they are free.
  • Aihonen
    280000 ex, Aihonen
  • You must have completed the "Elisia's Song" subquest at the beginning of the game to do this quest.
  • Speak to Jhonen in the southwest corner of Easthaven when you return to the village near the end of the game. He will tell you that the broken blade you gave him earlier has been restored and he will give it to you.
  • The Arboretum
    Corellon Tower
    438000 ex
  • Valestis at the top of Corellon Tower will lament the decay of the Arboretum and will ask you to help him restore it to its former glory.
  • Pick up the Barrel of Pure Water from Kontik's Camp in the Frost Giant Cave in Wyrm's Tooth Glacier.
  • Take the Seeds from Malavon's study in the Artisan's District in Lower Dorn's Deep.
  • Buy Cage of Exotic Birds and the Cage of Squirrels from Nym the drow merchant in the Gnome Village in Lower Dorn's Deep.
  • Return all four of these items to Valestis in Corellon Tower to restore life to the Arboretum.