Dragon Warrior


Name De Cost Avaiable
Clothes 2 10 Sold in Brecconary.
Leather Armor 4 70 Sold in Brecconary, Garinham, and Cantlin.
Chain Mail 10 300 Sold in Garinham, and Cantlin.
Half Plate 16 1000 Sold in Garinham, Kol, and Rimuldar.
Full Plate 24 3000 Sold in Kol, Rimuldar and Cantlin.
Magic Armor 1 24 7700 Sold in and Cantlin.
Erdrick's Armor 2 28 - Found under a tree and guarded by an Axe Knight in Hauksness.

1 Raises your HPs by one every step you take.
2 Raises your HPs by one every step you take and protects you from swamps and barriers.


Name De Cost Avaiable
Small Shield 4 90 Sold in Brecconary and Kol.
Large Shield 10 800 Sold in Garinham and Cantlin.
Silver Shield 20 14800 Sold in Cantlin.