Ice Palace

1) Entrance/exit
2) Use the to defeat the ice creature and open the door
3) Use a bomb to open a hole to floor below (4); place a bomb by the crystal and go the north part of the room before it explodes
4) Land here from (3); use bombs to finish off the skeletons
5) From this room, you'll drop down to the room below (6)
6) Land here from the room above
7) Use the to get across
8) Pull the tongue to open the door
9) Place a bomb here and drop down to reach the dungeon treasure
10) Land here from above (9)
11) Fall down either of these holes to find fairies
12) Push the block on the lower left side into the hole and follow it down
13) Push the block from the room above onto the switch to open the door
14) Pull the statue on the right out of the way and fall into the hole to reach the boss
15) Boss - Use the to melt the ice and then kill it with your sword

1st Floor
1st Basement

2nd Basement

3rd Basement

4th Basement

5th Basement

6th Basement

7th Basement