1st Circle
Create Reagents
Buc's Den - 745 g;
at top of tower by Katrina's house in New Magincia
Lightning Bolt
Moonglow - 500 g;
In NW tower of Lord British's castle;
In abandoned building west of the graveyard by Britain
On binding circle by Shrine of Compassion;
In the magic room in Lord British's Castle;
In a treasure chest in Dungeon Despise
Light Heal
Minoc - 225 (165) g;
In NE tower of Lord British's castle;
Touch the statue in the Boyer's shop in Britain
2nd Circle
Crystal Barrier
In queen's chamber in Ambrosia;
In a cave southwest of Yew
Ethereal Sight
Moonglow - 300 g
Infernal Armor
Return journal to mage in Moonglow;
In a cave on the east coast of Minoc
Moonglow - 200 g;
near bridge to Paws
3rd Circle
North end of Moonglow island;
Southwest of Talornia's lair in Destard
Buccaneer's Den - 631 g;
Minoc - 700 (500) g
Buc's Den - 876 g;
Moonglow - 500 g
By entrance to dungeon Deceit;
In cave behind waterfall in Minoc
4th Circle
Time Stop
On earth level of Abyss inside coffin
Wizard Eye
Return journal to mage in Moonglow
Valoria - 600 g;
In a mausoleum by Trinsic
Yew - 400 g
5th Circle
Summon Undead
In a crate in a shed in the southeast corner of Yew; In cave on northeast coast by Minoc
Trinsic - 825 g; On top of a bookcase in the mage's tower near Paws
Bolt of Flame
Cast ignite in statues' mouths north of shrine of Justice; In a ruined building northwest of Paws
Full Heal
In target maze in Dungeon Deceit
6th Circle
In a mausoleum by Trinsic;
In a cave southwest of Yew
Buccaneer's Den - 1300 g;
In air plane of the Abyss by dragon
Ring of Fire
In a cave on an island southeast of Trinsic
Mana Breath
Buccaneer's Den - 1450 g
7th Circle
Click on tiny suit of armor on bookcase in Terfin; in a crate in the cave on Moonglow with the statue in front of it
In arch-mage's lair in Serpent's Hold
Summon Demon
Summon and defeat the demon in Destard;
In Gaurdian's stronghold on Terfin
Frost Storm
Yew - 600 g
8th Circle
Trinsic - 3050 g
Lightning Storm
In a tent by Trinsic; In ruins of Empath Abbey
In Virgil's house on an island southeast of Trinsic
Searing Rain
Valoria - 3000 g

* brackets denote prices after local shrine has been cleansed