Volcano Keep

Water Barrel
Alchemy Table
Goldsmith Table

1) Gates - They will only be opened once you finish the The Gate to the Keep quest
2) Pallas - If you are a member of the Bandit Camp: Map of the Volcano Keep
3) Kalib - If you are a Recruit: Map of the Volcano Keep, Recruit Clothes, Follow Kalib; The Gate to the Keep
4) Taylor - If you are a Novice: Map of the Volcano Keep, Novice's Robe, Follow Taylor; The Gate to the Keep
5) Aric - Get Yourself a Fighting Staff
6) Kato
7) Tucker - Can train you in Strength if you are a member of the Order
8) Arena
9) Karlsen - sells weapons, shields, and smithing tools; will exchange blanks for Lumps of Iron Ore; can train you in Strength, Smithing (up to level 3), and Open Locks (up to level 2) if you are a member of the Order
10) Yoki - Access to the Cemetary
11) William - Can train you in Dexterity and Staff Fighting (up to level 4) if you are a member of the Order.
12) Vitus - The Test of Master Vitus; can train you in Mana and Staff Fighting (up to level 7) after you complete The Test of Master Vitus
13) Washroom
14) Caspar - sells Blank Scrolls and a few other miscallaneous goods
15) These are your quarters if you joined the Order
16) Harlok - He will give you Stew From Harlok's Kitchen if you a member of the Order

17) Dalman - Can train you in Dexterity, Pickpocket (level 1 only), and Sneak if you are a member of the Order; sells Wine for 20 gold; Dalman Trusts You; Wine Cellar Key
18) Vince - He will only allow you to pass once you have completed the Basic Training quest or if you are a member of the Bandit Camp.
19) Enzo
20) Pull this ring to reveal the secret entrance into storeroom
21) Cyrus - Severin's Artifacts, Crates for the Volcano Keep
On Bookstand: Storeroom Key
22) Storeroom door (need Storeroom Key to open)
23) Jervis - Mutual Aid; can train you in Archery (up to level 4) and Gut Animals after you complete this quest
Erlan - Erlan Doesn't Know What to do
Scroll Creation Tables
24) Illumar - The Basics of Scroll Creation; Find Writings Materials; sells scrolls and runes and can train you in Create Scrolls after you have completed the Find Writings Materials or The Test of Master Illumar quest.
25) Ignatius - The Test of Master Ignatius
26) Commandant
27) Temple Entrance
28) Ash
29) Locked Chest (RRLL): Potion of Dexterity Recipe
30) Locked Chest (RRLL): Ring of Magic
31) Library - Rufus - can train in Strength and Crossbow (up to level 7); Rufus is Seeking Wisdom in Combat
Old Bookstand - Describes ingredient for a Telekinesis scroll
32) Dig here to find Hemlar's Chest: 250 coins
33) Berengir's skeleton: Berengir's Key
34) Berengir's Chest (need Berengir's Key to open): Wisdom in Combat
35) Pull the ring on the right to open a secret door that leads further into the library
36) Crystal Ball of Levitation - Touch this ball to cast Levitation
37) Hole to lower level - use Levitation to avoid taking damage
38) Crystal Ball of Opening (lower level) - touch to ready an Open Lock spell
39) Locked Door - Cast Open Lock to open
40) Pull this ring to open the door in the north wall
41) Nautilus Transformation Rune (cast Telekinesis to retrieve it)
42) Locked Chest (RRRLLL): Magic Crystal
43) Crystal Ball of Polymorph - Touch this ball to polymorph into a Nautilus
You must be a Nautilus to pass through the small opening in the wall
44) Crystal Ball of Telekinesis - Touch this ball to prepare a Telekinesis spell
45) Cast Telekinesis on this switch to open the door
46) Anti-Magic Crystal - Blocks all magic spells
47) Key to the Library
48) Locked Door - Need Key to the Library to open
49) Writing Desk
Use a bow or crossbow to his the switch and open the door
50) Magic Force Field - cast Destroy Magic Force Field to destroy
51) Chest (lower room): Traveller's Potion Recipe
52) Locked Door - Cast Open Locks to open
53) Cast Nautilus Transformation to pass through the small hole in the wall
54) Writing Desk
55) Abrax - sells potions and potion recipes; can train you in Mana and Alchemy (all three levels); The Test of Master Abrax
Bookstand - Describes the ingredient for a Illusion scroll
Lever - Pull this to open the secret exit from the library
Treasure Chest: Healing Potion Recipe
56) Inquisitor Mendoza
57) Writing Desk