Priest's Tomb in Eastern Volcano Cave

1) To/from Volcano Caves
2) Map Column - click on to receive a map of the area
3) Spike Trap - jump over
4) Ring - pull to disable the Spike Trap at (3)
5) Fire Trap - Levitate over or cast Telekinesis on the lever at (6)
6) Lever - arms/disarms the Fire Trap at (5) and open/closes the Gate at (7)
7) Gate - pull the lever at (6) to open
8) Cast Nautilus Transformation to pass through this small hole in the wall
9) Lever - pull to open the nearby gate
10) Pit Trap - drops you down to the lower level (cast Levitation to fly over it)
11) Bust - Levitate over the Pit Trap at (10) or cast Telekinesis to retrieve it
12) Lever - pull to raise the wall at (13)
13) Wall - pull the lever at (12) to raise
14) Lizard Warrior: Ring of Dexterity
Burried Treasure Chest: Titanwing
15) This wall can be broken down with a Pickaxe
16) Fire Protection Amulet (cast Telekinesis to reach)
17) Ceiling Trap - Cast Telekinesis on the Lever at (18) to disable
18) Lever - Cast Telekinesis on it to disable the Ceiling Trap at (17)
19) Cast Levitation to float over the magma to reach this ledge
20) Lever - Pull this to raise the nearby wall
21) Cast Nautilus Transformation to make it through this small tunnel
22) Bust
23) Sarcophagus: Ring of the Axe Fighter
24) Lever - pull to open the nearby gate
25) Wall - Place a Bust on each of the two altars outside to raise
26) Shield of the Titan Lord
27) Wall - it will be raised after you pick up the Shield of the Titan Lord
28) Lever - pull it to raise the wall at (25) again