Harbour Town

Water Barrel
Alchemy Table
Goldsmith Table

1) Back Gate - Guard - the guard will only let you through the gate in chapters 2 and following.
2) Farmer; Betta
3) Arno and Martha
4) Delgado - Protection Money from Costa; will train in Dexterity and Pickpocket after completing this mission
5) Sebastian - Sebation Wants to Know What Delgado is Planning
6) Elias - Sells food and a few other miscallaneous goods
7) Fuller
8) Costa - trades in miscallaneous goods and offers beds
9) Steelbeard's Shack - Need Shack Key to open
10) Philus - sells fish; Philus Wants to Sell His Fish Shop
11) Finn
12) Belschwar - Medicine for Everyone
Shrine of the Holy Flame - Cole - can train you in Dexterity, Archery, Sneak, and Gut Animals; Cole's Hunting Bow Returned
Locked Chest (LRLRRLLR): Create Illusion Rune
13) Flavio - sells hunting weapons, tools, and trophies; Skins for Meat
14) Cutter - can train you in Strength and Sword Fighting (up to level 4)
15) Josh - sells drinks
Dirk - The Imprisoned Treasure Hunter; will sell you one of the Large Gold Bowls for 150 gold
Locked Door (upper level) - Need Josh's Key to open
16) Nelson - The Map of the Island
17) Cid - What is Rodriguez Planning; will train in Dexterity, Open Locks, and Sneak after you complete Doyle Must Disappear
18) Rodriguez - Find the Burglar's Spy

19) Dargel - sells meat
20) Baxter - Mental Arithmetic
Locked Chest (RLLLRR): Plaice Melt Recipe
21) Tavern - Patty - sells drinks; The Lost Father, Patty Wants to Leave Town
Dytar - will sell you one of the Large Gold Bowls for 150 gold
22) Ukkos - can train you in Strength and Axe Fighting (up to level 7)
23) Duram's Chest (need Duram's Chest Key or pick the lock (LLRLRR)): 2 Armour Plates
24) Lukor - Lukor Wants the Five Armor Plates
25) Warehouse - Carasco - Good Things Come in Threes, Carasco Wants the Five Armour Plates
Romanov's Chest (highest level; need Romanov's Seaman's Chest Key to open): Romanov's Casket
26) Anika
27) Duram (travelling between the ship and the warehouse)
28) Sergio - Sergio Wants Romanov's Gold
29) Marek - Get Marek's Cell Key
30) Quay Cell (need Marek's Key to the Cell to open)
Captain Romanov - Romanov's Seaman's Chest
31) Lilly
32) Madam Sonya's Brothel - Sonya - sells information for 10 coins; A Night With Olga
Erikson: Shack Key
Gwen - Woman Beater
33) Click on the picture of a tree to reveal a secret passage that leads out of town
Scordo - sells fenced goods and artifacts; Three Golden Bowls for Scordo
34) Jack - sells a few miscallaneous goods; Jack is in Need of Rum
35) Lighthouse
Large Gold Bowl (cast Telekinesis to reach it)
Jack's Key (found behind support beam in lower level)
Jack's Chest (Need Jack's Key to open)
36) Edgar - can train you in Strength, Sword Fighting (up to level 7), and Crossbow (up to level 10)
37) Weasel - Bring the Packages Back to Weasel
38) Garth - can train you in Alchemy (level 1 only)
39) Leonardo - sells potions and potion recipes; can train you in Alchemy (level 2 only); Anything That Heals
Locked Chest (RLRLLR): Strength Potion
40) The Don's Manor - press the picture of a tree on the main floor to reveal a hidden alcove
Cupboard: Amulet of the Don's Family
41) Hernandez - Get Rid of Toni
42) Walter - Walter Needs a Break, Everything That Isn't Nailed Down, will exchange blanks for Lumps of Iron Ore; will train you in Strength and Smithing after you complete Walter Needs a Break
43) Alvaro - sells weapons, shields, and smithing tools
Door to Cellar - Locked (RLLR)
Alvaro's Chest (in cellar, RLRLLR): Honed Blade Staff
44) Smith's Helper
45) Smith's Helper
46) Main Gate - Guard - the guard will only let you through the gate in chapters 2 and following.
47) Toni - The Family Heirloom
48) Marcelo - Evidence For Marcelo
49) Tilda - The Sons of Tilda
50) Konrad - sells food
51) Guard - You will only be allowed to pass by completing the Medicine for Everyone quest or by completing four quests in town in the Order's favour.
52) Felipe - can train you in Staff Fighting (up to level 4)
53) Commadant Carlos - Peace and Order
Table: Ring of the Staff Fighter
54) Corpse: Shovel
Click on the patch of dirt to dig up a Treasure Chest: Ring of Stealth
55) Secret Entrance/Exit (need Scordo's Key to open)
56) Locked Door (RLRLLR)
57) Locked Chest (RRLL): Small Healing Potion Recipe