Bandit Camp

Water Barrel
Alchemy Table
Goldsmith Table
Gold Vein

1) Doug - sells hunting weapons, tools, and trophies; will give you a Map of the Bandit Camp; Go Hunting With Doug
2) Dangerous Worm
3) Ricardo - can train you in Crossbow (up to level 4); Discusting Insects
4) Domingo
5) Sam - can train you in Dexterity, Archery, Sneak, and Gut Animals
6) Brogar - Brogar's Lackey, Lazy Dog, Gone With the Gold
7) Hawkins - The Workers are to Work Again; he will sell you Worker's Clothes for 500 gold after you complete this quest
8) Lorenzo - To the Temple Ruins with Lorenzo
9) Clay

10) Dwight
11) Buried Tresure: Light Scroll
12) Craig - can train you in Strength and Sword Fighting (up to level 7); The Best Fighter in the Bandit Camp
13) Oscar - sells weapons, shields, and smithing tools; will exchange blanks for Lumps of Iron Ore; Golden Fragments for Oscar; can train you in Strength, Smithing (up to level 3), and Open Locks (up to level 2) after you complete this quest
14) Rachel - Gold Fever, Meat for the Gang
15) Beppo - Artifact Delivery
16) Guard - he will not let you pass until you complete the An Audience with Don Esteban quest
Temple - The Don
Fincher - can train you in Strength, Sword Fighting (up to level 10), and Crossbow (up to level 7) in you aren't a member of the Order
Cormac - sells potions and potion recipes; can train you in Mana and Alchemy (up to level 3)
Karakos - can train you in Strength and Axe Fighting (up to level 10) if you aren't a member of the Order
17) Branon - Branon Needs Help, Get Branon to go Back to Digging
18) Arena
19) Discusting Insects
20) Simple Chest: Fragment of a Sword
21) Buried Treasure: Necklace, Ring of the Axe Fighter
22) Simple Chest: Useless Amulet
23) Enrico - Protection Against the Ghost of the Ancestors
24) Buried Treasure: Goblet, Healing Potion
25) Luis - A Bottle of Beer for the Drunkard, Scurrying Rats
26) Skurrying Stingrats
27) Cave
Dorgan - Fragment of a Sword, List
28) Phil - can train in Sneak, Pickpocket (up to level 2), and Open Locks (up to level 2); Lazy Dog
29) Obel - sells drinks, weed, and a few other miscallaneous goods
30) Rhobart - can train in Alchemy (level 1 only); Beer for the Gang, Rhobart Needs Weed
31) Locked Chest (RRLL): Small Healing Potion Recipe