Blank Scroll Can be used to create magic scrolls.
Sold by Caspar in the Volcano Keep and by Illumar in the Volcano Keep after you learn Create Scrolls from him.
Letter from Captain Steelbeard Provides clues to avoid the deadly traps set by Captain Steelbeard in his treasure cave.
Found in the 5 buried treasure chest found across the island.
List A list of bandit camp members who pay protection money to Brogar.
Found on the body of Dorgan in a cave in the southeast corner of the swamp.
List A list of plants needed by Master Abrax to complete the The Test of Master Abrax quest.
Given to you by Master Abrax in his laboratory in Volcano Keep if you badger him into giving you a test.
List A list of ingredients required to create scrolls.
Given to you by Master Illumar after you complete the Find Writing Materials quest.
List from Master Belschwur The list of people who need healing potions from Belshwur.
From Belschwur in the Gutters district of Harbour Town when you accept the Medicine for Everyone quest.
List from Master Pallas A list of every one from the Monastery who has permission to leave recently.
Given to you by Master Pallas in the Volcano Keep as part of the Circle of Suspects quest.
Notes Give this to Abrax to complete the The Supplies from the Library quest.
Found on one of the Intruders in the library of Volcano Keep in chapter 3 or 4.
Official Document Allows you to enter the Monastery in chapter 1.
Given to you by Commadant Carlos in Harbour Town after you have completed the Get Rid of Scordo and Medicine for Everyone quests.
Old Document Give this to Patty in her tavern by the quay in Harbour Town to complete the The Lost Father quest.
Found in Steelbeard's chest in his shack in the Gutters of Harbour Town.
Old Document Describes how Lord Patroscon's plan to gain control of the other lords had failed.
Held by Lord Patroscon in his crypt in the cave along the east road.
Power of Ice Give this to Master Ignatius and he'll be able to teach you Frost magic.
Found on Master Pallas' body in Volcano Keep in chapter 3.
Steelbeard's Nautical Map A map to Steelbeard's treasure.
Found with Steelbeard's treasure in the cave in the northwest corner of the island.
Stone Plate +4 Wisdom
Found in ruins across the island.