Boots Walk on water 4th palace in island maze
Candle Provides light in caves 1st Palace in Parapa Desert
Cross Can see invisible enemies 6th Palace in Triple Rock
Doll Grants Link an extra life Various locations throughout Hyrule
Flute Scare off river devil; reveal 6th palace 5th palace east of Nabooru
Hammer Break road blocks By Spectacle Rock in Death Mountain
Heart Container Raise your life bar by one square South of Parapa Desert; in blocked cave southeast of Rauru; in water north of 5th palace; east to the triple rock
Kidnapped Child Return to woman in Darumia for Reflect spell Guarded by lizard man in island maze
Magic Container Raise your magic bar by one square In cave southeast of starting palace; under Spectacle Rock in Death Mountain; in island maze; in hidden town of Kasuto
Magic Key Can open any locked door in the palaces Cast Spell at the end of the hidden town of Kasuto
Points Gives Link 50, 100, 200, or 500 points Various loctions throughout Hyrule
Power Glove Break blocks with your sword 2nd Palace in Midoro Swamp
Raft Sail from Mido to second major area of Hyrule 3rd palace south of Mido
Trophy Give to woman in Ruto to learn Jump In a cave in the desert east of Ruto
Water of Life Heal sick daughter of woman in Mido In blocked cave on west side of Midoro Swamp