Side Quests

Chapter I

The Barghest Contract

Dead Hand of the Past

The Drowner Contract

The Ghoul Contract

King of the Crypt

The Monster of the Lake


She's no Early Bird

Chapter II

The Alghoul Contract

The Beast of the Sewers

Bloodthirsty Vegetation

The Cannibal

The Dog Catcher of Vizima

The Drowned Dead Contract

The Echinops Contract

Finders Keepers

Flowers and Gold

Force Recon

A Ghost Story

A Gravedigger's Gratitude

A Long Way from Home

Memory of a Blade

A Most Uncommon Wine

Old Friend of Mine

A Pilgrimage

The Rat

A Restless Ghost

Safe Haven

Suspect: Leuvaarden

Suspect: Kalkstein

Suspect: Ramsmeat

Suspect: Thaler

Suspect: Vincent Meis

Suspect: Vivaldi

The Wolf Contract

Working Girls

Worth it's Weight in Gold

Chapter III

All the King's Men

The Archespore Contract

Beauty and the Beast

Blue Eyes

The Cockatrice Contract

Dandelion's Lute

Echoes of Yesterday

The Fleder Contract

The Ghoul Contract

The Graveir Contract

The Kikimore Contract

Medic in Distress

Predetory Wyvern

The Ring

Six Feet Under

White Fang

The Wyvern Contract

Chapter IV

The Alp Contract

The Ancient Cemetaur

The Basilisk Contract

Daily Bread

The Devourer Contract

The Giant Centipede Contract

Hunting the Wild Hunt

Old Habits Die Hard

Paths of Destiny

Small Problems


The Vodyan Priest

The Wyvern Egg Contract

Chapter V

The Bloedzuiger Contract


The Bruxa Contract

The Cemetaur Contract

The Garkain Contract

Mud and Velvet

The Vampiress of the Swamp

The Wraith Contract



A Game of Dice

Dice Poker: The Novice

Dice Poker: The Professional

Dice Poker: The Sharper

Hot Potato

A Lost Lamb


Won't Hurt a Bit