1) To/from Lakeside
2) Village Chief's house - Tobias Hoffman: Offers rewards for trophies
3) Adam's House - Old Shelf: Ballads, Fairy Tales and Stories
4) Prize Cow
5) Celina's House - Celina: give her any ring and she'll sleep with you
6) Baker's House - Baker: sells Bread and other food stuffs, will give you a Sugardoll in exchange for White Honey
7) Alina's House - Alina: Heat of the Day; Old Shelf: Ithlinne's Prophesy
8) Blacksmith's House - Blacksmith's Wife - Temptation, will give you some Pork if you compliment her cooking
Blacksmith - can forge weapons
Blacksmith's son - sells weapons, weapon upgrades, and powders
9) Healer's Hut: Abigail/Healer: sells alcohol, alchemical ingredients, powders, and grease
10) Notice Board: Devourer Contract, Giant Centipede Contract, Wyvern Egg Contract, Basilisk Contract, Alp Contract
11) Country Inn:
Innkeeper: Storage, meditate for 7 orens
Innkeeper: Meditate for 5 orens
Waitress: Meditate for 5 orens; sells food, drinks, and alcohol
The Rock: Fistfighter
Julian: sells flowers, gifts, books, and valuables
12) Place of Power
13) To/from the Fields
14) Ruins - Gambling Ghost: Sharper Poker Player
15) Corpse: Earth Rune
16) Collapsed Bridge: Mason Harn: Small Problems
17) Santon
18) Naiad's bathing spot
19) Alvin's favorite spot

  • Devourers
  • Giant Centipede
  • Wolves

  • Berbercane
  • Bryonia
  • Ginatia
  • Han
  • White Myrtle