Trade Quarter

1) Triss' House - Triss: meditate; Teleport;
Trunk: Sorceresses and Sorcerers
Bookshelp: Monstrum, Rivian Pogrom
2) Workshop - Alchemist: Will give you Zerrikanian Alchemy in exchange for Red Meteorite
3) House of the Queen of the Night
4) To/from Temple Quarter
5) To/from Cemetary
6) Royal Huntsman
7) Watchtower - Count de Wett: Professional Poker Player;
Velerad: Professional Poker Player
8) Armorer: sells weapons, weapon upgrades, grease, and powders
9) New Narakort Inn - Innkeeper: Storage; medidate for 5 orens
Waitress: meditate for 5 orens, sells food and alcohol; when she tells you her problem, give her Red Woman's Gloves for 2 two bottles of Wives Tears and the formula; listen to her ramble to learn the formulas for Wives' Tears and Devil's Puffball
Andrew Gablodda: Fistfighter
Dandelion: outdrink (7 drinks) to begin the Dandelion's Lute quest
Patrick de Weyze: Blue Eyes
Townswoman: Give some beer to learn about Basilisks Ornithosaur's Eyes, Toxin, and Venom Glands
Erkyn Blunt (upstairs): outdrink him (5 medium strength drinks) to recieve the House of the Night Signet Ring
Notice Board: Archespore Contract, Cockatrice Contract, Fleder Contract, Ghoul Contract, Graveir Contract, Kikimore Contract, Wyvern Contract
10) Herbalist
11) Merchant's House
12) To/from Sewers
13) Maribor Gate (unpassable)
14) Blacksmith: will reforge your witcher weapons
15) Arms Dealer: sells weapons, weapon upgrades, grease, and powders
16) Bookseller
17) Booze Vendor: sells food and drinks (no alcohol)
18) Alchemist: sells ingredients, greases, powders, and talismans
Zerrikanian Trader: sells food, drinks, herbal ingredients, flowers, and books on plants
19) Gambling Den - Koster: Sharper Poker Player
Bar Wench: Meditate; sells food and alcohol
20) Fishmonger: sells fish
21) Butcher: sells meat
22) Warehouse
23) Vivaldi and Sons Bank
24) Relief
25) Town Hall - Scribe; Townclerk: call her a naughty girl and give her a Diamond to fool around with her
26) Merchant's Gate (unpassable)
27) House - Trunk: Kingdom of Temeria
28) Barricade
29) To/from Sewers
30) Salamandra Hideout
31) Old Forge - Entrance to Sewers in the cellar
32) Radovid's Hideout

Enemies (at night):
  • Salamanders
  • Kikimore Workers

  • Berbercane
  • Ginatia
  • Hellebore
  • White Myrtle