Temple Quarter

1) To/from Sewers
Con Artist (around Dawn): Finders Keepers
2) To/from the Dike - If you helped Siegfried in the sewers, he will let you pass; otherwise you need to bribe the guard
3) Detective Raymond's House
Trunk: Guide to Vizima
4) Order Armorer: reforges weapons;
Order Merchant: sells weapons and weapon upgrades (You must have good relations with the Order)
5) Order Guardpost - Wardrobe: Sword of the Order; Trunk: The Flower and the Flame, Specters, Wraiths, and the Damned
6) Eager Thighs Brothel - Carmen: Novice Poker Player, Working Girls
7) Hairy Bear Inn
Innkeeper: Storage, Meditate for 5 orens
Waitress: Sells food, drinks, and alcohol
Butter Bean: Fistfighter
Munro Bruys: Professional Poker Player
Coleman: sells Fisstech
Conrad (at night): A Most Uncommon Wine
Notice Board: Alghoul Contract, Dog Contract, Drowned Dead Contract, Echinops Contract, Wolf Contract
8) Campfire
9) Abandoned House
10) Ramsmeat's House
11) Warehouse
12) House - Thug: A Ghost Story; Wardrobe: Lara's Gift
13) Cloister of the Order of the Flaming Rose
14) Gravedigger
Hildegard Zollstock (around noon): A Restless Ghost
15) To/from Cemetary (need Key to pass)
16) St. Lebioda's Hospital - Shani: Old Friend of Mine; Alter of Melitele: Place food on it to receive the Oth Sephirah, the Ghe'Vrath Sephirah, and the Veen'ah Sephirah; Laundry Basket: Red Woman's Gloves; Trunk: Cults and Religions of the Nordlings
17) Guard - If you helped Siegfried in the sewers, this will be a City Guard and you will have to bribe him 25 orens or show him the City Guard Signed Ring to enter. Otherwise, this will be Siegried who will let you for free.
18) Gardener: Novice Poker Player; sells herbal ingredients and flowers; will give you roses in exchange for food
19) Hospital Garden
20) Thaler's House - Thaler: Meditate for Free, Professional Poker Player; sells weapons and weapon upgrades; outdrink (9 drinks) to receive Shadow People
21) Dungeon - Jethro; To Sewers
Notice Board: Alghoul Contract, Dog Contract, Drowned Dead Contract, Echinops Contract, Wolf Contract
22) Vincent Meis
23) Gate to Trade Quarter (unpassable)
24) Antiquary - sells books
25) Peasant Trader: sells food, drinks, and alcohol
26) Peddler: sells gifts and valuables
27) Herbalist: sells food, flowers, and herbal ingredients
28) Shani's House
29) Gate to Royal Castle (unpassable)
30) Kalkstein's House - Kalkstein: meditate, sells powders, grease, ingredients, and books
Trunk: Basics of Alchemy
31) Vivaldi's House - Golan Vivaldi: Meditate
32) Half-elf's House - Half-Elf; Trunk: Against Nonhumans
33) Blacksmith's House - Blacksmith: will reforge your sword; Trader - sells weapons and weapon upgrades
34) Abandoned House
35) "Little Girl" in trouble

Enemies (at night):
  • Assassins
  • Fleders
  • Ghouls

  • Berbercane
  • Hellebore
  • Verbena