1) To/from Temple Quarter
2) Campfire
3) Place of Power
4) To/from Lionhead Spider Lair (need Key top open)
5) From the Slums
6) From the Dungeon in the Temple Quarter
7) Gate - need Key to pass
8) To/from Trade Quarter
9) Gellert Bleinheim: Key to Salamandra Code, Royal Letter of Safe Conduct
Place of Power
10) Corpse: Key
11) Ruins
12) Bruxa
13) Teleport
14) Circle of the Vengeful Flame - Igni +50%
15) Trunk: White Raffard's Decoction, Vodon Rune Stone
16) To/from Salamandra Hideout - Need Letter of Recommendation from Agnus and either give the correct password 'Thorn' or slay the Bandits and take the Key
17) Back Alley - Meeting Point (Lock and Key)

  • Alps
  • Drowners

  • Beggartick
  • Green Mold