Outskirts of Vizima

1) Campfire
2) Country Inn
Innkeeper Olaf: Storage, Meditate for 5 orens;
Vesna Hood: Sells food, drinks, and alcohol;
Declan Leuvaarden: Sells gifts and valuables, Dead Hand of the Past;
Antiquary: Sells books;
Fat Fred: Fistfighter;
Drunkard: Outdrink (5 drinks) for The Tome of Fear and Loathing, Volume 1;
Zoltan Chivay (After you finish Racists): Novice Poker Player, outdrink (7 drinks) for a Diamond
3) Dwarven Blacksmith: Can upgrade witcher swords; ask about weapons and give 35 orens for the Crinfrid Oil formula and a sample
4) Viziman Herbalist: Sells fruit, flowers, herbal ingredients, and books about herbal ingredients
5) Odo's Hut - Odo: Novice Poker Player; Cupbroad: Silver Ruby Ring
6) Abigail's Hut - Abigail: Sells alchemical bases and ingredients and books, Meditate; Will sell you formula for Specter Oil for 30 orens
  • Old Chest: An Invitation to Magic
  • Laundry Basket: Red Shawl
  • 7) Royal Huntsman, Campfire
    8) Body: Tulips
    9) Place of Power
    10) Circle of the Windy Wanderer (Aard +50%)
    11) Hut - Wardrobe: Swamp Monsters
    12) A Peasant Woman nearby will sleep with you if you give her Tulips; also, there is a beggar in the area who will give you the Eternal Fire Signet Ring in exchange for some White Gull.
    13) Vesna's Grandmother's House
    14) Chapel
    15) Reverend's House - Reverend; Wardrobe: Amber; Old Shelf: Ithlinne's Prophesy
    16) House - Wardrobe: Basics of Alchemy; Dresser: Shawl
    17) Stall-keeper: sells meat
    18) Maribor Gate - Unpassable
    19) Cave beneath the city walls - 7 Echinops, Human Remains
    20) Mill
    21) Miller Gate
    22) House - Laundry Basket: Shawl
    23) Racists
    24) Haren's House - Haren: Novice Poker Player, sells
  • Wardrobe: Against Nonhumans
  • 25) Haren's Goods
    26) Merchants' Gate - Mikul: Novice Poker Player
    27) Abandoned Hut - Wardrobe: Lunar Shards, Quicksilver Solution, Ducal Water
    28) Crypt
    29) Eternal Fire Shrines
    30) Bandits: She's No Early Bird (at night)
    31) Nadir: Drowned Dead's Head, (Only appears at night after you have finished the Strangers in the Night quest
    32) Salamandra Hideout (need Key to enter
    33) Cave

    Enemies (at night):
  • Barghests
  • Drowners
  • Ghouls

  • Balisse
  • Berbercane
  • Celandine
  • Hellebore
  • White Myrtle