Willow The hero of the game. He comes from the village of Nelwyn.
Willow's family Willow's wife and two children. They live with him in the village of Nelwyn.
High Aldwin The leader of the village of Nelwyn and a powerful wizard.
Franjean and Rool They are Brownies in the service of Cherlindrea.
Po After you have found him, he will be able to fly you anywhere you've already been very quickly.
Cherlindrea The fairy of Lake Cheef
Madmartigan A rogue Dikini and skilled swordsman who always getting himself into trouble.
Fin Raziel The messenger of the Spirit of the Earth. Bavmorda has placed a curse on her.
Alora Danan The future queen of Tir Asleen.
Sorsha The warrior daughter of Bavmorda.
Airk One of the leaders and strongest fighters of the Dikini.
General Kael The leader of the forces of Nockmaar.
Bavmorda The messenger of the Spirit of the Skies. Her evil reign must come to an end.