Redmond Barrens

1) Jump House:
Mr. Gunderson (Mr. Johnson):
Ilene Two Fists (Shadowrunner) after you've rescued her from Hollywood Correctional
2) Jackal's Lantern:
Ricky (Shadowrunner)
3) Boris' Greenhouse:
Boris (pay 100 nuyen to here his story):
4) Abandoned Warehouse (ghouls)
5) Hollywood Correctional Facility
6) Stoker's Coffin Motel: Rest for 20 nuyen
7) Ares Weapon Emporium:
8) Little Chiba's Chop Shop:
9) Rat's Nest
10) Shiawase Atomics Nuclear Plant
11) Halloweeners
Ratspike (need 1500 nuyen to speak to him or less with a higher reputation):