Side Quests


Drive out the Intruders

Fluttering Grave Moths

Help the Novices' Farm

Help Thomas in the Fields

Kill Lord Patroscon

Kill the Hungry Wolves

Lizard Sword

Lost Cause

Reforging Souldrinker

Reforging Stormwind

Report to Master Pallas

Rhobart Needs Weed

Spying Scouts

Talk to Carlos About the Volcano Temple

Talk to Esteban About the Volcano Temple

The Lizard Leader Behind Harbour Town

The Lizard Leader Outside Harbour Town

Thieving Gnomes

The Cursed Lords

The Sword Souldrinker

The Sword Stormwind

Overdue Situation Report

Harbour Town

A Gathering of Triplets.

All Power to the Don

A Lovely Time With Lilly

A Night With Olga

Anything That Heals

A Package for the Don

Bring the Packages Back to Weasel

Carasco Wants the Five Armour Plates

Clean Out Dargel's Chest

Cole's Hunting Bow Returned

Collect From Alvaro

Collect From Konrad

Dances With Butchers

Distraction for the Prison Guard

Doyle Must Disappear

Duel with Ingvar

Duram's Armour Plates

Everything That Isn't Nailed Down

Evidence for Marcelo

Find the Secret Access to Harbour Town

Fleece the Butcher

Find Garth!

Find the Burglar's Spy

Find the Three Golden Bowls

Follow Garth Inconspicuously

Get Marek's Key Cell

Get Rid of Cid

Get Rid of Delgado

Get Rid of Lukor

Get Rid of Scordo

Get Rid of Toni

Get Your Hands on Cutter

Good Things Come in Threes

Ingvar's Armour Plate

Jack is in Need of Rum

Jack's Chest

Lukor Wants the Five Armour Plates

Meat for Ukkos

Medicine for Everyone

Mental Arithmetic

Nelson's Ring

Patty Wants to Leave Town

Peace and Order

Pearls for a Lady

Philus Wants to Sell his Fish Shop

Pretending to Work for Delgado

Protection Money from Costa

Protection Money from Josh

Romanov's Seaman's Chest

Sebastian Wants to Know What Delgado is Planning

Send the Servants Home

Sergio Wants Romanov's Gold

Skins for Meat

Talk to the Bandit Chief of Harbour Town

Talk to the Commandant of Harbour Town

Take the Don's Amulet to Hernandez

The Family Heirloom

The Farmer's Sick Wife

The Imprisoned Treasure Hunter

The Lost Father

The Map of the Island

The Sons of Tilda

Three Golden Bowls for Scordo

Vasili's Armour Plates

Walter Needs a Break

Weasel Hunt

What is Rodriguez Planning

Where are the Artifacts Disappearing To

Woman Beater

Bandit Camp

A Bottle of Beer for the Drunkard

A Job for the Triplets

An Audience with Don Esteban

Artifact Delivery

Beer for the Gang

Best Fighter in the Bandit Camp

Branon Needs Help

Brogar's Lackey

Conquest of the Artifact Camp

Defeat Brogar in the Arena

Defeat Craig in the Arena

Defeat Domingo in the Arena

Defeat Lorenzo in the Arena

Defeat Ricardo in the Arena

Discusting Insects

Dorgan's List

Dwight is to Get Back to Work

Esteban's Return to Harbour Town

Forbidden Games

Get Branon to go Back to Digging

Go Hunting with Doug

Golden Fragments for Oscar

Gold Fever

Gone With the Gold

Lazy Dog

Meat for the Gang

Power Struggle

Protection Against the Ghost of the Ancestors

Protection Money in the Bandit Camp

Rhobart's Bog Bodies

Salvage Work

Scurrying Rats

Talk to Master Illumar

Tell Fincher About the Strange Temple Entrance in the East

Tell the Don About the Success in the Artifact Camp

The Hunters are to Hunt Again

The Workers are to Work Again

To the Temple Ruins with Lorenzo

Treasure Hunter Wanted

Volcano Keep

A Beer for Bryn

Access to the Cemetary

A New Post for William

Assist the Warriors of the Order in Harbour Town

A Worthy Weapon

Basic Training

Bones and Wings

Bryn's Dangerous Monsters

Circle of Suspects

Crates for the Volcano Keep

Dalman Trusts You

Distribute the Weed Reefers in the Keep

Erlan and Enzo's Turkey

Erlan Doesn't Know What to do

Enzo is Looking for the Ingredients for an Illusion Scroll

Fight Against Aric

Fight Against Tucker

Fight Against William

Fight Against Kato

Find Hemlar's Murderer

Find Writing Materials

Follow Kalib

Follow Taylor

Get Yourself a Fighting Staff

Get Yourself a Quill

Investigate the Crime Scene

Kato's Lesson

Mutual Aid

Orders for the Mages

Rufus is Seeking Wisdom in Combat

Secure the Gate

Secure Volcano Keep

Severin's Artifacts

Sweep out the Chambers

The Basics of Scroll Creation

The Crystal of Fire

The Frost Crystal

The Gate to the Keep

The Lizard Warrior

The Magic Bullet

The Path to Truth

The Supplies from the Library

The Test of Master Abrax

The Test of Master Ignatius

The Test of Master Illumar

The Test of Master Vitus

The Theory of Scroll Creation

Trick Aric

Wisdom in Combat Found

What Does Harlok Know

Who is Hemlar's Partner