Side Quests

Chapter 1

Beggar's Nest: Aldo and Hector

Beggar's Nest: A Lost Soul

Trouble in No-Man's-Land

Blacklake: Samuel's Rescue

The Great Tree: Animal Rescue

Docks - The Masterson Amulet

Hints of a Cult and Treachery

Henchmen Quests

Moonstone Mask: Art Theft

Temple of Tyr - Never's Tomb

Cloaktower: Membership

A Devil's Deal

Chapter 2

North Road: Gerrol's Wife

North Road: Dergiab's Head

North Road: Mutamin's Challenge

South Road: Erik's Despair

South Road: Peter and the Wolves

Charwood: The Village of Eternal Night

East Road: The Simpleton's Mother

East Road: Jax's Barracks

Port Llast: The Werewolf Hunter

Neverwinter Wood: Spirit of the Wood

Neverwinter Wood: The Missing Druids

Neverwinter Wood: The Druid's Circle

Henchmen Quests

Port Llast: Bounty Hunt

Port Llast: The Serpent Gems

Port Llast: Five Tomes of Imaskaran

Luskan: Erb's Delicate Problem

Luskan: The Harlot's Husband

Luskan: Nine Lives

Luskan: The Ghoul Lords

Luskan: Colmarr's Fantabulous Contrapulator

Luskan: Saving Evaine

Luskan: The Ruins of Illusk

Chapter 3

Rolgan's Trial

Recover the Star Sapphire

The Siege of Fort Ilkard

Investigate the Elk Tribe

Save the Supply Lines

Deliver Eckel's Note

Plant the Ultarg Tree Seeds

Working for Akulatraxas

Gorgotha the Gold Dragon

Henchmen Quests

Chapter 4

Rescue Leesa

Neverwinter Under Siege