Stone City

E) Entrance/Exit
O) Obelisk
OV) Ore Vein
GB) Green Barrel (Endurance)
OB) Orange Barrel (Intellect)
RB) Red Barrel (Strength)
YB) Yellow Barrel (Accuracy)
T) Treasure
1) Urthsmite Residence
2) The Balanced Axe (Weaponsmith)
3) The Polished Pauldron (Armorsmith)
4) Mineral Wealth (Bank)
5) Grogg's Grog (Tavern)
6) War Colledge (Instructor)
7) Potent Potions and Brews (Alchemist)
8) Delicate Things (Magician)
9) Gizmo's
  • Repair Item Expert
  • 10) Spark's House
  • Quest
  • Plate Expert
    11) Master Guild of Earth
    12) Throne Room
    13) Seline's House
  • Spear Grandmaster
    14) Keenedge Residence
  • Axe Master
    15) Thain's House
  • Merchant Expert
    16) Welman Residence
  • Earth Magic Expert
    17) Temple of Stone
    18) Press the buttons to use the lifts
    19) To Nighon Tunnels
  • Quests:
    Main quest: The Dwarves
    Troglodytes in Stone City

    Other Areas:
    Barrow Downs
    Nighon Tunnels

    Troglodyte Drone
    Troglodyte Queen
    Troglodyte Soldier