Erathian Sewers

E) Entrance/Exit
T) Treasure
1) Pull lever on wall to extend bridge to other side of the room
2) To get to this balcony, go to the balconies on the east and west sides of the room and pull the switches to create a bridge that goes across the east side of the area.
3) Teleport to 4)
4) Teleport from 3)
5) Letter from Mr. Stantley, 2 Blue Barrels, Orage Barrel, Red Barrel, Purple Barrel, Green Barrel, Treasure
6) William Lasker
  • Promotion: Rogue
  • Promotion: Spy
  • Disarm Trap Expert
  • Stealing Expert
  • Dagger Grandmaster
  • Quests:
    Promotion: Rogue
    Promotion: Spy

    Other Areas:

    Giant Rat
    Lightning Rat