Colony Zod

E) Entrance/Exit
T) Treasure
1) Press buttons beside lift to go up or down
2) Press down all four buttons to open the path to the west
3) Step on tile beside ledge to be brought up to the ledge
Click on the cage to release Roland Ironfist; he will give you the Colony Zod Key
4) This pathway will be open after you release Roland Ironfist
5) Click on the buttons beside the lift to go up or down
6) Click on this button and the one at 7) to open to unlock the door on the south side of the room
7) Cast telekenisis to puth down this button
8) Take the lift up to Xenofex' chamber; use the key to open the door
9) Xenofex
Main Quest: The Devils

Other Areas:
Land of the Giants

Devil Captain
Devil Warrior
Devil Worker