Sumani in LaMut for 75 gold. +5 Defense, +5 Accy: Melee
Naddur Ban Dok in Mac Mordain Cadal for 50 gold. +10 Weaponcraft
Lucan in Hawk's Hollow +5 Lockpick
Tad Quester in Questor's View for 75 gold. +5 Accy: Melee
Brother Marc near Sarth for 50 gold. +10 Accy: Casting
Guy du Bas-Tyra in Malloc's Cross +12 Assessment
Abuk between Lyton and Silden for 80 gold. +6 Lockpick
Limm in sewers of Krondor for 120 gold +10 Stealth
Count Corvalis in Cavall Keep for 200 gold +10 Assessment
David Tatum in Kenting Rush for free +8 Scouting
Duke Martin near Northwarden for free +10 Crossbow
McCannur Ban Dok in Caldara for 100 gold +10 Armorcraft
Calin near Elvandar for free +10 Stealth/+10 Accy: Crossbow
Pillars in ruins in chapter 8 +10 Strength, 15 Assessment, +10 Defense