Special Items

Abbot's Journal In the cave behind the waterfall Details the location of the Guarda Revanche
Brass Spyglass One of the clues for the third chapter Similar to an Eyes of Ishap spell
Catapult Gear In a chest by the river near Raglam Fix the catapult to launch a missle at Raglam
Cup of Rlnn Skrr In a house in the southeast corner of the island of Timirianya Bring to Dhatsavan't column to free Pug
Exotic Sword In a moredhel box in the ruins near Elvandar; use key 'GLAMREDHEL' Use Shell on it to create the Guarda Revanche
Geomancer Stones In the Diviner's Halls near Northwarden Give to Tamney to convince him to return to Northwarden
Glazer's Guild Seal In Max Feeber's barn near Lyton Allows entrance to Romney in second chapter
Idol of Lassur In a chest on the lower level of the sewers below Krondor Give to Kat in the sewers for information
IronJaw Trap In the southeast corner of Dimwood Return to Craig the logger in Dimwood
Knight Piece In a well in Kenting Rush Enter the cave behind the waterfall
Leather Leggings Give Tuning Fork to sisters near Highcastle Exchange for a Sack of Grain
Sack of Grain Give Leather Leggings to woman south of Highcastle Give to priestess in Temple of Dala to receive a blessing
Shell Return Elieam's Heart to Rusalki by lake near Elvandar Use on the Exotic Sword to form the Guarda Revanche
Spider One of the clues for the third chapter Use on a sword to poison it
Vapor Mask In a chest in the Naphtha mines Allows you to escape the Naphtha mines
Waani From Squire Philip on the west side of Dimwood Destroys the Rift Machine at the end of chapter seven