Althafain's Icer Frosts weapons
Amulet of the Upright Man +15 Lockpick
Armorer's Hammer Improves Armor
Aventurine Improves crossbows
Clerical Oilcloth Enhances sword
Coltari Poison Poisons rations
Dalatail Milk Temporary +25 Defence
Diamonds Sell for money
Dragon Stone Steelfires sword
Eliaem's Heart Summons a Rusalki
Emeralds Sell for money
Fadamor's Formula Temporary +10 Strength
Flame Root Oil Frosts armor
Glory Hand
Heavy Bowstring Repair any heavy crossbow
Herbal Pack Player's health and stamina improve over time
Horn of Algon Kokoon Summon hounds to fight with you in battle
Infinity Pool
Killian's Root Oil Frosts armor
Lewton's Concentrate Temparory +30 Accy: Casting
Ligth Bowstring Repairs any light crossbow
Moredhel Brooch Sell for money
Naphtha Steelfires weapons
Picklock Pick a locked door or chest
Potion Noxum
Powder Bag
Practice Lute Practice your barding skills
Rations Each party member consumes one ration a day. Without rations, party members will grow weaker.
Raw Manna Need it to cast spells in Timirianya
Redweed Brew Temporary +15 Accy: Melee
Restoratives Restores some health and stamina
Ring of Prandur Provides illumination
Ring of the Golden Way +15 Scouting
Rope Swing across pits
Roric's Seal
Rubies Sell for money
Sarigsbane Apply to armor to counter enhanced blades
Shell Sell for money
Shovel Dig up graves
Silverthorn Poisons weapon
Silverthorn Anti-venom Cures poison
Torch Provides illumination
Truesight Tea Temporary +25 Accy: Crossbow
Tuning Fork Makes trolls run away
Weedwalkers +30 Stealth
Whetstone Improves weapons
Wyvern's Egg Need one to cast Thy Master's Will