Accts of Shamata Garrison +5 Assessment Sold in Darkmoor and Eldpoint
Chapel's Rmor n Whepuns +3 Weaponcraft, +3 Armorcraft Sold in Darkmoor. From Arlie Steelsoul in 3rd chapter
Dorkas' Treatise + Accy: Spellcasting Sold in shop southeast of Cavell's Keep
Kalem's Dialectic +5 Crossbow Sold in LaMut
Psalms of Dala +4 Defense Sold in Darkmoor
Strategies of Trading +10 haggling Sold in Loriel, by Questor's View, in Darkmoor, and Eldpoint
Thiful's Bird Migrations +5 for everything From scribe west of Tyr-Sog for opening trapped chest west of Hawk's Hollow. Sold in Darkmoor