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East of Easthaven
Orc Cave
Kuldahar Pass

Chapter 1
Vale of Shadows
Tomb 1
Tomb 2
Tomb 3
Tomb 4
Kresselack's Tomb: Level 1
Kresselack's Tomb: Level 2
Kresselack's Tomb: Level 3
Temple of Forgotten God
TGF: Level 1
TGF: Level 2
TGF: Inner Sanctum

Chapter 2
Dragon's Eye: Entrance
Dragon's Eye: Level 1
Dragon's Eye: Level 2
Dragon's Eye: Level 3
Dragon's Eye: Level 4
Dragon's Eye: Level 5

Chapter 3
The Severed Hand: Entrance
The Severed Hand: 1st Floor
The Severed Hand: 2nd Floor
The Severed Hand: 3rd Floor
The Severed Hand: 4th Floor
Solonor Tower
Corellon Tower
Sheverash Tower
Labelas Tower

Chapter 4
Dorn's Deep: Entrance
The Cavern
Upper Level
Orog Cave
Secret Room
The Forge
Tiers of the Dead
Hall of Heroes

Chapter 5
Wyrm's Tooth Glacier
Frozen Temple
Lower Level of Frozen Temple
Frost Giant Cave
Glacier Entrance

Chapter 6
Lower Dorn's Deep
The Oubliette
Gnome Village
The Courtyard
Palace: 1st Floor
Palace: 2nd Floor
The Mines
Artisan's District
The Dome
The Lake
The Temple
Poquelin's Chamber
Frozen Easthaven
Cryshal Tirith
Jerrod's Stone

* indicates traps