Chapter 1: Welcome to the Colony

Joining the Old Camp

Joining the New Camp

Joining the Brotherhood

Chapter 2: The Minecrawler's Nest

Focus for the Gurus

Secretion of the Minecrawlers


Chapter 3: Artifacts of Ancient Power

Orc Cemetary

Medicinal Herbs for Y'Berion

Escape Plan of the New Camp

Focus under the Ring of Stone

Focus in the Troll Canyan

Focus in the Monastery Ruins

Focus in the Mountain Fort

Search for the Focus Stones

Chapter 4: Xardas

Aid of the Magicians of Fire

Xardas the Necromancer

The Banished Orc Shaman

Search for the Ulu-Mulu

Chapter 5: Guardians of the Portal

Way into the Sleeper's Temple

The Magic Sword Uriziel

Chapter 6: The Temple of the Sleeper