Swamp Camp

1) Entrance/Exit
2) Templar - Sells Novice's Loincloth for 500 ore
3) Lester
Baal Namib
4) Joru
5) Talas
6) Baal Tyon
7) The guards won't let you pass until chapter 2
8) Y'Berion
9) Fortuno - Sells swampweed; gives you three Northern Dark each day
10) Gor Na Drak - Teaches: Remove Mandible
11) Cor Kalom
Left Box (RRLR): Kalom's Recipe
Right Box (requires Lab Key, chapter 3) - Almanac, Focus from the Ocean Cliff
12) Darrion - Sells weapons and blacksmithing items
13) Baal Tondral - New Souls for the Brotherhood
14) Baal Cadar - Trains Mana; sells magical goods (after you cast Sleep on one of his disciples)
15) Cor Angar - Trains Templars in Strength, Dexterity, and Two-handed Weapons
16) Gor Na Toth - Sells armor to Templars; trains members of the Swamp Camp in Strength, Dexterity, Mana, and One-handed Weapons
17) Ghorim - Ghorim's Replacement
Baal Orun - The Swampweed Harvest
18) Balor