New Camp

1) To/From entrance
2) Rice Fields
3) Lefty - Water Carrier for Lefty
4) Rice Lord
5) Horatio - Horatio the Peasant
6) Homer - Lurker at the Dam
7) Bouncers - To get past them you need to be a member of the New Camp, pay 100 Ore, or be wearing the Digger's Dress from Swiney at the Free Mine
8) Baal Isidro - The Weed Merchant
9) Mordrag (if you followed him from the Old Camp)
Cipher - sells goods after you give Balor in the Swamp Camp 50 Ore to learn who would buy swampweed
10) Silas - Sells miscallaneous goods
11) Jeremiah
12) Cord - Training: One-Handed Weapons
13) To Free Mine
14) Baal Kagan - Sells Swampweed; Canvassing of Customers
15) Roscoe - He won't let you pass unless you have Mordrag's Ring or the List from Ian in the Old Mine
16) Lares - Training: Strength, Dexterity
17) Sharky - Sells weapons and other goods
18) Buster - Training: Acrobatics for free
19) Wedge - Training: Sneaking, Pickpocketing, and Lockpicking for free
20) Wolf - Sells bows; Training: Bow skill for 50 Ore; sells Rogue armor if you are a Rogue
21) Cronos - Sells magical goods and books; Training: Mana
22) Ore Mound
23) Gorn - Shrike's Hut
24) Vacant Hut
25) Shrike - Beat him and you can take the hut
26) Lee - Training: Strength, Dexterity, and Two-Handed Weapon; sells Mercenary armor if you are a member of the Mercanaries
27) These mercenaries won't let you by without a password. Learn the password 'Tetriandoch' from Cronos after Cor Angar sends you to New Camp in Chapter 3.
28) Library
29) Riordian - sells potions; will heal your wounds if you are a member of the Magicians of Water
30) Saturas - Training: up to the fifth circle if you are a member of the Magicians of Water