Side Quests

Shady Sands

Stop the Radscorpians

Rescue Tandi from the Raiders


Stop Gizmo

Bust the Skulz Gang

Save Saul and Trish's Relationship

Rescue Sinthia

The Hub

Find the Missing Caravans

Clear Irwin's Farm of Raiders

Dispose of Merchant

Dispose of Jain

Ignuana Bob

Steal Necklace from the Merchants


Fix the Necropolis Water Pump

Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed

Vault 13

Find the Water Thief

Calm Rebel Faction


Become an Initiate

Rescue Initiate from the Hub

Create Powered Armor

The Glow

Turn on Power for the Glow

LA Boneyard

The Regulators and the Blades

Fix the Hydroponic Farms in Adytum

Hardened Power Armor