Sword of Wind Given to you by the elder of Leaf. Wind attack.
Ball of Wind Found in Wind Cave. Destroys rock barriers.
Tornado Bracelet Found on Mt. Sabre (southwest route). Tornado attack (8 MP).
Sword of Fire Given to you by the elder of Oak after rescuing the child in the Swamp. Fire attack.
Ball of Fire Defeat the Swamp Bug in the Swamp. Destroys ice barriers.
Flame Bracelet Defeat General Kelbesque on Mt. Sabre. Flame attack (16 MP).
Sword of Water Found in the Waterfall cave. Water attack.
Ball of Water Given to you by Rage in the southwest part of Portoa Area. Creates ice bridges over shallow water.
Blizzard Bracelet Found behind the throne room in Amazones. Blizzard attack (16 MP).
Sword of Thunder Found in a chest in Styx. Thunder attack.
Ball of Thunder Defeat Mado in Shyron. Destroys metal barriers.
Storm Bracelet Behind Karmine in Draygonia Castle. Thunder Attack (40 MP).
Crystalis Give all four swords to Mesia in the Tower. Destroy Dyno.