Refresh Restores your life. Taught by Zebu in his Cave in the Valley of Wind after you have restarted the Windmill.
Telepathy Cast it to speak to any of the four wise men. Taught to you by Tornel near Brynmaer after you visit Oak in the Swamp and defeat his pupil Stom.
Teleport Instantly teleport to any town you have visited. Show the Tornado Bracelet to Tornel on the top of Mt Sabre West.
Paralysis Fires a paralyzing ray. Taught to you telepathically by Zebu just before you leave Mt Sabre North.
Recover Cures poison, paralysis, and petrify status conditions. Meet Asina in the Underground Channel behind Portoa after retrieving the Sword of Water and the Ball of Water.
Barrier Grants protection from projectile attacks. Taught to you by Asina after you have calmed the Angry Sea.
Change Transform into Stom, a Draygonian guard, a woman, or Akahana. Find Kensu in Swan and then give him the Love Pendant.
Flight Allows you to fly over obsticles. Give Kensu the Ivory Statue from Karmine in Draygonia Castle.