RAM Spyship

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Deck 4

Deck 5
Deck 6
1) Start
2) Dr. William's Sigma Code
3) Ladder - access decks 1 - 6
4) Airshaft - access decks 1 - 5 (if attacked, one of your party members will have to fight alone)
5) Attack the plant for 250 exp.
6) Vilnikov's Sigma Code
7) Take to find 5 Poison Antidotes
8) Use the automated surgeon to remove the parasite. Either Reprogram it (for 350 ex) or provide Dr William's or Dr. Vilnikov's sigma codes from decks 2 and 3 respectively and your party will be cured (500 ex). Return any time to heal your party.
9) Main Security Console - Rogue can shut down the robots
10) 6 RAM H.D. Robots
11) Scot.DOS - reconnect him to the neighbouring console to release him
12) Argon Tank
13) A Large E.C. Gennie will attack after you have found the Argon Tank
14) Air Control System - hook up Argon Tank (500 ex)
15) Another Large E.C. Gennie will attack after you have hooked up the Argon Tank.
16) Jury Rig the controls to restore the flow of Argon; Stand when the ECGs approach
17) ECGs will attack and block access to the deck until you have spread the Argon through the ship from (16)
18) Cancel the Self-Destruct from here (500 ex)
19) 2 Stage 3 ECGs (after you cancel self destruct)
20) Shoot the ECG before its charge explodes to fully rid the ship of ECGs (1000 ex)

Large E.C. Gennie
RAM H.D. Robot
RAM L.D. Robot
Small E.C. Gennie
Stage 3 ECG