Pirate Ship

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Deck 4

1) Bypass or Reprogram to break security field. Buck Rogers will join your party and break the security field if you were unable to.
2) Equipment:
3) Autodoc - Reprogram and you can return at any time to heal your team
4) Medical Supplies:
5) Ladder - access Decks 1 to 4
6) Armory - Enemies
7) Trapped Door - you can try to disarm the trap yourself or let Buck do it
8) Talon's Room - Use the computer or let Buck do it to discover a vulnerability in the ship
9) Enemies
10) Set off Demo Charge here to reduce the number of enemies in Engineering and on the Bridge (after you have used Talon's computer at (8)) (5000 ex)
11) There will be fewer enemies here after you set off a demo charge at (10)
12) Smash the consoles at all three locations to disable the power plant
13) Talon and the last of his crew can be found here after you take Engineering. You don't have to fight him to escape his ship.
14) Air lock - Escape back to your ship after you have disabled the power plant in Engineering (10000 ex).

P. Combat Robot
Pirate Leader
Pirate Warrior