Mariposa III: The Doomsday Laser


Weapons Control (1st part)

Weapons Control (2nd part)

Excape Pod Control

1) From the Core
2) Enemies
3) Elevator - can take you from Security to Escape Pod Control
4) Emergency Stairs - can access all three levels
5) Climb to cut off main power
6) To 2nd area of Weapons Control - Need to have the Retinal Lockpick from Venus to open
7) From 1st area of Weapons Control
8) Need to have cut main power at (5) to open
9) Weapons Control Center - You can destroy the Doomsday Laser from here. You will have to fight enemies both before and after you destroy the laser.
10) Pod Control Center - Scot.DOS will give you access to the escape pods if you have destroyed the laser.
11) You need to have Scot.DOS clear you from the pod control center at (10), or use a Demo Charge to get through these doors.
12) Escape Mariposa III in one of these escape pods after you have destroyed the Doomsday Laser before the station explodes.

Mer. H.S. Robots
Mer. Leaders
Mer. Technicians
Mer. Warriors
RAM Assault Bots
RAM Combat Bots
RAM Mar CGennies