Mariposa III: Core

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

1) From Merchant Area
2) The Core - You can travel to the different levels from here. If you try to go below level 1, you will be blocked by Robots. If you try to go up past level 4 before the Sun King has turned off the lasers, they will cause damage to your party. After the Sun King has turned off the lasers, you can go up here to the Doomsday Laser area.
3) Grab Medallion to receive the Copper Medallion. If you are too slow, you will have to fight security robots and will be able to get the medallion from the wreckage after the battle.
4) Keep searching this closet until you find the Silver Medallion.
5) Bypass Security or fight the robots for the Gold Medallion.
6) You need all three medallions to pass.
7) The Sun King - Tell him that you do speak french, that you are not the dancers, and that you will give him the Doomsday Laser and he will shut off the lasers in the core. (Note: oui = yes, non = no)

Mer. H.S. Robots
RAM Assault Bots
RAM Combat Bots

Level 4