Lowlander Village

1) Entrance/Exit
2) Free the frogs and they will help you battle RAM forces
3) Take the bag of Frog Food
4) RAM officer - Have a rogue Steal Keys or kill him and the robots for them
5) Talk to the lowlander and he will give you some valuable information (500 ex)
6) Lowlander escape area - The leader will ask you to get her medical kit for her so she can tend the wounded lowlander. She will tell you where to find the kit and will give you the security code and some equipment:
Return here after you get the medical kit from (9) and the lowlanders will escape the village. The leader will give you some valuable information before she leaves (3000 ex)
7) 2 Demo Charges
Feed the frogs with the Frog Food from (3) (5000 ex)
8) Need the Keys from RAM officer at (4) and security code from lowlander at (6) to open door
9) Lowlander Medical Kit and other supplies:
10) Landor's son Zane. You can take him with you, though he won't be much help in battle.

RAM Assassin
RAM Ven. CGennie
Ven. H.S. Robot