Gradivus Mons

1) Entrance
2) Enemies
3) Desert Ape Cages - open all the cages if Tuskon is in your party to disrupt the guard stations
4) Open all four cages at once from this console
5) Equipment:
6) Guard Post - the enemies will be gone if you freed the apes from their cages
7) Intercom Station - will be destroyed if you freed the apes
8) Ladder to Main Level

Main Level

Upper Level
9) Ladder to Basement
10) Intercom Station
11) Autodoc
12) Enemies
13) Front Gate - Desert Runner army is waiting outside; return here after you initiate the self destruct to leave the building (10000 ex)
14) Use these controls to open the Front Gate and let the desert runners in
15) Use this elevator to ascend to the upper level; security system will prevent you from using it until desert runners are let into the building and disable it.

16) Elevator to Main Level
17) Pick Lock or use a Demo Charge on the door to open it
18) Intercom Station
19) Equipment:
20) Laser Controls - Use the controls to overload the laser. You must warn the desert runners using one of the Intercom stations at (7), (10), or (18) and then leave the base through the front gates at (13) before the it explodes.
Desert Apes
RAM G.D. Gennies
RAM Warriors