Asteroid Base

1) To/From your ship
2) Bluff and the guards will not attack you (500 ex)
3) Guards - you will have to fight them to get by
4) 4 RAM Warriors
5) Guards - you will have to fight them if you didn't bluff at (2)
6) Briefing Room
7) Autodoc - Heal team
8) Equipment
9) Guards will give you some equipment if you bluffed at (2)
10) Heal the gennies (2500 ex)
11) Power Room - You can turn off the security robots from here
12) West Elevator Shaft - Climb down to the lower level from here if you bluffed at (2); you can't climb back up again
13) East Elevator Shaft - climb down to the lower level from here if you attacked the guards; you can climb back up using rope from one of the children after you rescue them
14) Information (250 ex)
15) Blast either door open with a Demo Charge (750 ex)
16) Children - One will mention the password 'DNA'
17) Password - 'DNA'
18) Keycard
19) Equipment:
20) Enemies:
One of the children will give you a passcard after the battle if you have already rescued them (500 ex)
21) If you have rescued the children:
The children will save the rabbit gennies (750 ex)
22) Computer Labs - Reprogram or use keycard and the password 'DNA' to access; contains all the information you need to complete this mission (750 ex)
23) Enemies:
24) Jim's grandfather (after you have rescued the kids)
25) Equipment
26) Bring the children here after you have rescued them from the lower level (1500 ex)

RAM H.s. Robots
RAM L.S. Robots
RAM Technicians
RAM Warriors
Space Rats
Terrine Leaders