Side Quests

Crash Site
The Priest and the Bandits

Shrouded Hills
Stop the Bank Robbery
Find some Pure Ore for Lloyd
Destroy the Town's Steam Engine
Fix the Town's Steam Engine
The Thieves and the Bridge
Rob the Bank
Free the Ghost of Bessie Toone
Pickup Jongle's Package

Deliver Payment Notice to Mrs. Halster
Rid Mr. Plough's Warehouses of Rats
Retrieve Matthew's Wedding Ring
Find the Stolen Painting
Wilhemina and Jared
The Crystal Ball
Work for Madam Lil
End the Orc Uprising
Steal the Elven Funerary Stone
Caleb Malloy's Whiskey
The Boil - Pollock's Gang
The Boil - Damian Maug's Gang
The Boil - Help Sebastian
Thieves Underground
Steal the Golden Idol of Kree
Negotiations with Caladon

Search for Cyrus
Find the Stolen Idol
Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout

Black Root
Find Liam Cameron
The Ancient Game

Gladys' Ring
Collect Black Root's Taxes for King Praetor
Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout
Find King Praetor's Daughter

The Ashbury Cemetary
Kill the Wild Pigs
Move the Boulders
Retrieved Theodore's Platemail

Isle of Despair
The Sorcerous Beast
Find Some Objects from Shades Beach
Deliver Goods to Maximillian
Help Cynthia Boggs Escape the Isle of Despair
Tell the Wheel Clan about Thorvald
Tell Lianna Pel Dar about Maximillian

Retrieve an Altar Stone from Torin Quarry

Wheel Clan
Clear the Mines
Find Vegard's Family Heirloom
Thrayne Wants his Brother to Return Home

Investigate the Murder of Wrath
Free the Elf from the Bedokaan
Find a Volar's Wisp Essence for Whysper
Get Mithril Ore from the Wheel Clan

Free J.T. Morgan
Discover What is Killing David's Rabbits
Find Proof that Maxim's Air Machines Flew
Investigation for Lillian Misk
Negotiations with Caladon
Solve the Caladon Murders
Discover the Truth about the Panarii

Photograph the Lethe Wyvern

T'sen Ang
Free the Ogres

Ancient Temple
Free Torian Kel from the Curse

Clear the Mine
Wheel Clan
Reputation: Hero of the Wheel Clan

  • The foreman of the dwarven mine, Arvid Millstone, will tell that some creature in the mine has been killing his miners. Agree to the slay the beast for him.
  • Make your way through the tunnels to the east side where you will find a large Dread Crystal Spider (level 40). Defeat the creature and return to Arvid Millstone for his thanks and the gratitude of the Wheel Clan.

    Find Vegard's Family Heirloom
    Wheel Clan
    Miner's Helmet

  • Vegard Moltenflow in his room in the Wheel Clan will ask you to find a family hierloom which has been left in the Dredge.
  • Enter the Dredge and on the east side of the area you will find Vegard Moltenflow's key.
  • Use the key to open a heavy iron door near the center of the Dredge and take the Toy Train from the chest.
  • Return the Toy Train to Vegard and he will give you a Miner's Helmet

    Thrayne Wants his Brother to Return Home
    Wheel Clan, Stonecutter Clan

  • Thrayne Iron Heart of the Wheel Clan will ask you to speak to his brother in the Stonecutter Clan and ask him to return home. He will mark the location on your map.
  • Go southwest to the Stonecutter Clan. You will find the whole area is filled with zombies.
  • At the far north end you will find the Black Defiler. Kill him and then enter the corrider behind to find the dwarves. Pick the lock to open the door.
  • Speak to Erland and he will thank you for defeating the zombies. Tell him that his brother wants him to return home and he will thank you.

    Investigate the Murder of Wrath

  • In Quintarra, you will find a dwarf wizard named Jormund. He will tell you that he is in service to an elf named Wrath and can only be freed with his death.
  • Go to Wrath's home to the east where you will find that he has been murdered. On his body you will find a cup with traces of poison in it.
  • Return to Jormund's home. Outside you will find a elf guard is holding Jormund on charges of murder.
  • Speak to Jormund and he will ask you to help him find out who really killed Wrath to clear his name. He will tell you that Mr. Sharpe is the only elf who could have sold the poison that killed Wrath.
  • You will find Mr. Sharpe's shop at the south end of the city. He is out, but his wife Ivory is home instead. Show her the glass you found on Wrath's body and she will confirm that it contains poison which they sell. She will also tell you about the bad blood between her husband Sharpe and Wrath.
  • Return to Sharpe's shop at night and pick the lock on the vase. Inside you will find an empty vial which still contains traces of the poison.
  • Show the empty vial to the guard at Jormund's home to prove that Sharpe killed Wrath, not Jormund.
  • Speak to Jormund and he will give you his Staff of Xoranth. He will also join your party if you ask him.

    Free the Elf from the Bedokaan
    Qintarra, Bedokaan Village
    Elven Chainmail

  • Winde in Qintarra will ask you to find a member of his hunting party that has not returned.
  • No northeast from Qintarra to the Bedokaan village. Inside you will find an elf in a pit. He will ask you to free him.
  • Speak to the leader of Bedokaan, Kan Kerai, and convince him that you mean him no harm. Listen to his story and agree to kill the poachers.
  • Leave the village and go to the poacher's camp. Kill all five poachers and return to Kan Kerai. He will thank you and free the elf.
  • Speak to the elf and he will leave to return to Qintarra.
  • Return to Qintarra and speak to Winde again to receive your reward.

    Find a Volar's Wisp Essence for Whysper
    Scroll of Succour Beast

  • Whysper in Quintarra will ask you to help her find a rare Volar's Wisp and gather its essence.
  • You can find a Volar Wisp in either a rare random battle around Quintarra or you can go to the Old Lagoon near Roseborough where there are several Volar Wisps. Defeat one of the wisps and take its essence.
  • Return to Quintarra and give Whysper the Volar's Wisp Essence for a magic scroll.

    Get Mithril Ore from the Wheel Clan
    Quintarra, Wheel Clan
    Ellumyn's Bow

  • Speak to Ellumyn in his shop in Quintarra and he will offer to give you his bow if you can get him some Mithril Ore from the Wheel Clan.
  • Go to the Wheel Clan and buy some Mithril Ore from the blacksmith there. You can also find some in the mines.
  • Give the Mithril Ore to Ellumyn to receive your reward.

    Photograph the Lethe Wyvern
    300 gold

  • In the Roseborough Inn in Roseborough, Trevor Lynwood will tell you that he is with the Tarantian and that his assignment is to take a picture of the elusive Lethe Wyvern. He had seen it, but ran away scared. If you agree to take a picture of it for him, he will give you his camera and make the location where he saw it on your map.
  • Go far north to the site where Trevor saw the Lethe Wyvern by the river. Use the camera and then click on the Wyvern to take a picture of it. Keep you distance or it will attack you.
  • Return to Trevor in Roseborough and give him the camera with the picture of the Lethe Wyvern and he will give you 300 gold like he promised.

    Free J.T. Morgan
    Master Locksmith

  • Mrs. Morgan in Roseborough will ask you to free her son from the high security prison in Caladon. She will agree to have her son teach you to become a master lock smith if you agree.
  • Go to Caladon and approach the prison at 5 Saint's Avenue at night. The guard by the door should be asleep.
  • Pick the lock on the door to the prison and on the trapdoor.
  • Morgan is located in a cell at the north end of the prison. You will have to pick the locks on several doors to get to him. Go through the storeroom on the west side of the prison instead of going through the guard baracks on the east side. Either avoid the guards or kill one to get the key to the prison.
  • Speak to J.T. Morgan in his cell and give him his locksmith tools. He will claim that you have already achieved master status since you were able to reach him.
  • Quickly make your way back out of the prison.

    Discover What is Killing David's Rabbits
    1000 gold

  • David Wit, a farmer on the west side of Caladon, will ask you to discover what is killing his rabbits.
  • Return to the farm at night and you will see a lycanthrope attacking one of the rabbits.
  • Wait around for a while and eventually the lycanthrope will enter the house and turn into Cynthia Wit, David's daughter.
  • Tell David that his daughter is the one who was killing the rabbits; that she is a werewolf. He will plead with you to find a cure for his daughter.
  • When your journey takes you Tulla, purchase a cure for 2000 gold from the Master of Morph in the northwest corner of the main building.
  • Return to David Wit in Caladon and give him the Lycanthrope Curative. He will give you 1000 gold as a reward.

    Find Proof that Maxim's Air Machines Flew
    Caladon, Crash Site
    Medical Arachnid

  • Speak to Hieronymous Maxim in his laboratory in the northwest corner of Caladon. He will tell you that his air machines were stolen, his laboratory was trashed, and the king's advisor's think he is a fraud. Offer to find proof for Maxim that his air machines actually flew.
  • You will find a camera on the body of one of the victims of the blimp crash at the crash site. If you gave it to Ristezze for information concering Bates' ring, but it back from him.
  • Return to Caladon and give Maxim the camera. He will reward you with a medical arachnid and the schematic to make more of them.

    Negotiations with Caladon
    Tarant, Caladon
    Master of Persuasion, approx. 7000 gold

  • Speak to Mr Willoughsby as he leaves his home at 19 Pickwick Alley in Tarant after you have returned from your first visit to Qintarra. He will tell you to meet him at City Hall.
  • Go to City Hall on East End Avenue and speak with Mr Willoughsby. He will tell you about the current situation with Caladon and if your persuassion skill is high enough, he will agree to allow you to complete negotiations with Caladon for entering into membership in the United Kingdom. He will offer you a sizeable amount of gold which will depend on how well you do and will offer to train you to be a Master of Persuasion.
  • Read the Dossier that Willoughsby gave you to learn the details of the negotiations between Tarant and Caladon.
  • As you leave City Hall, a man representing a group who do not want to see Caladon join the United Kingdom, will try to persuade you to help them instead, by assassinating the King of Caladon.
  • Book passage to Caladon and speak with Renford outside of the Castle. He will give you some advice before you enter.
  • Enter the castle and proceed to the end of the hall to the council chamber. Approach the podium and the chairman of the council will start asking you questions about the exact terms of their membership into the United Kingdom.
  • When stating the terms of the agreement, Willoughsby will give you more money the more favourable the terms are for Tarant. However, if you make it too much in Tarant's favour, the council will reject the proposal. The most effective method is to choose the compromises suggested in the dossier that Willoughsby gave you.
  • When you have finished speaking, the council members will discuss the terms amongst themselves. If they agree to the terms, they will give you a signed copy of the terms of agreement.
  • Leave the castle and the Terms of Agreement to Mr Willoughsby. He will pay you for your efforts and and train you to be a Master of Persuasion.

    Solve the Caladon Murders
    2000 gold

  • Ask Chief Inspector Henderson in the Caladon Police Headquarters at 5 Saint's Avenue about the murders. He will tell you about the murders and the prostitute who witnessed the murders.
  • Speak to the prostitute in the next room and she will tell you what she saw.
  • Visit both murder scenes at 1 Whytechurch Landing and 21 Dragon's Turnabout. In both places you find a metal trap door that is too heavy for you to lift.
  • Return to Inspector Henderson and tell him about the trap doors. He will tell you that another murder has taken place.
  • Enter room two of the Mushroom Inn from the courtyard. This time you will find a word written in green blood.
  • Report your new finding to Henderson. He believes that the word is the name of a demonologist and will suggest you find one to learn how to kill the demon.
  • Speak to Professor Eakins at 24 University Court in Tarant about L'anamelach. He will give you a book describing the history of the demon and will tell you that only way to defeat the demon is to kill it with the Blade of Xerxes. He will mark the location of the Pit of Fires where the blade can be found on your map.
  • Go to the Pit of Fires and fight your way through the fiery enemies. You will find the Blade of Xeres in a pit of lava.
  • Return to Inspector Henderson in Caladon with the Blade of Xeres. He will allow you access to the old sewers.
  • The entrance to the old sewers can be found at the end Saint's Avenue guarded by two guards who will let you pass.
  • At the end of the passage you will find Vincent who will ask you if you brought the Blade of Xeres. Attack him and make sure the killing blow is made with the Blade of Xeres. If it is not, L'anamelach will be released. You need to tell your companions to wait before you attack Vincent or their reaction will go down because of a bug in the game.
  • Return to Henderson for your reward.

    Discover the Truth about the Panarii

  • After you have discovered that Nasrudin's body does not reside in Caladon as part of the main quest, the priests in the Panarii temple in Caladon will ask you to discover the truth about Saint Mannox.
  • Southwest of the Ring Brodgar in Roseborough, you will find Mannox's Stone Vault along the coast. Inside you will find the Journal of Mannox and a sword.
  • Read Mannox's Journal to learn the truth about what happened to Mannox and the Panarii.
  • Return to Alexander in the Temple of the Panarii in Caladon and show him the book and the sword. He will thank you for you what you have done and will tell you that he will do what he needs to do now for the Panarii.
  • Show the Journal to the other priests in the temple. Hadrian will allow you to take the Glass Key, the Eye of Kraka-Tur, and the Finger of Mannox. The finger is a powerful magical amulet.

    Investigation for Lillian Misk

  • After you have talked to Lillian Misk about the "Horror Among the Dark Elves" and her late husband, she will ask to to discover who disclosed the information that her husband had the book. Neither of the servants will be tell you very much.
  • Under the couch in the Misk Residence you will find the Wesley Carrington's passport. The passport will have Wesley's address.
  • Enter Wesley's house at 25 Dragon's Turnabout and in the chest at the foot of the bed, you will find a note from Elmer Burbottom.
  • Go to the Hall of Records in Tarant and ask the clerk there for the address of Elmer Burbottom.
  • Go to Ashbury and enter the house at 14 Trellis Way. Kendrick Wales is lying on the floor dying and an elf quickly teleports away. In his dying breath, Kendrick will tell you that his real name is Elmer Burbottom and that Wesley Carrington sold him the information Misk and the "Horror Amoung the Dark Elves".
  • Return to Lillian Misk in Caladon and tell her what you have discoverd. She will thank you and tell you the Wesley Carrington has found dead a few days ago with a knife through his heart. You may then have an opportunity to "comfort" the widow.

    Free the Ogres
    T'sen Ang

  • At the north end of T'sen Ang you will find three Ogre slaves. Speak to the leader, Maug Maulman, and he will tell you that he cannot break free because of the spell of an elf wizard.
  • Enter T'val N'or's house nearby and kill the wizard.
  • With the wizard dead, Maug and the other ogres will be freed and they will attack all the dark elves in the city.

    Free Torian Kel from the Curse
    Ancient Temple

  • Northeast of Tarant there are some ancient ruins. On the west end of the dungeon you will find the Torian Kel key.
  • Use the key to open the door on the east end of the dungeon and speak to the crumbling skeleton. It will ask you to bring it some dragon's blood. It will mark the location of where to find some on your map.
  • Go to the Dungeon of the Dragon Pool to the northwest. Click on the pool on the 2nd level of the dungeon to receive a Vial of Dragon's Blood.
  • Return to the Ancient Temple and use the Vial of Dragon's Blood on the crumbling skeleton to release Torian Kel from the curse. He will tell you his story and may accept an offer to join you.