Side Quests

Crash Site
The Priest and the Bandits

Shrouded Hills
Stop the Bank Robbery
Find some Pure Ore for Lloyd
Destroy the Town's Steam Engine
Fix the Town's Steam Engine
The Thieves and the Bridge
Rob the Bank
Free the Ghost of Bessie Toone
Pickup Jongle's Package

Deliver Payment Notice to Mrs. Halster
Rid Mr. Plough's Warehouses of Rats
Retrieve Matthew's Wedding Ring
Find the Stolen Painting
Wilhemina and Jared
The Crystal Ball
Work for Madam Lil
End the Orc Uprising
Steal the Elven Funerary Stone
Caleb Malloy's Whiskey
The Boil - Pollock's Gang
The Boil - Damian Maug's Gang
The Boil - Help Sebastian
Thieves Underground
Steal the Golden Idol of Kree
Negotiations with Caladon

Search for Cyrus
Find the Stolen Idol
Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout

Black Root
Find Liam Cameron
The Ancient Game

Gladys' Ring
Collect Black Root's Taxes for King Praetor
Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout
Find King Praetor's Daughter

The Ashbury Cemetary
Kill the Wild Pigs
Move the Boulders
Retrieved Theodore's Platemail

Isle of Despair
The Sorcerous Beast
Find Some Objects from Shades Beach
Deliver Goods to Maximillian
Help Cynthia Boggs Escape the Isle of Despair
Tell the Wheel Clan about Thorvald
Tell Lianna Pel Dar about Maximillian

Retrieve an Altar Stone from Torin Quarry

Wheel Clan
Clear the Mines
Find Vegard's Family Heirloom
Thrayne Wants his Brother to Return Home

Investigate the Murder of Wrath
Free the Elf from the Bedokaan
Find a Volar's Wisp Essence for Whysper
Get Mithril Ore from the Wheel Clan

Free J.T. Morgan
Discover What is Killing David's Rabbits
Find Proof that Maxim's Air Machines Flew
Investigation for Lillian Misk
Negotiations with Caladon
Solve the Caladon Murders
Discover the Truth about the Panarii

Photograph the Lethe Wyvern

T'sen Ang
Free the Ogres

Ancient Temple
Free Torian Kel from the Curse

Search for Cyrus
Stillwater Blade

  • Richard Leeks, the blacksmith of Stillwater, will ask you to find Cyrus, the wizard who enchants his weapons.
  • Follow the path northwest out of the village to Cyrus' cabin. Someone or something has attacked the cabin and there is blood on the ground.
  • Follow the tracks in the snow outside of the cabin. The tracks will lead to clear rock several times and you will need to look around to find where the tracks pick up again. The tracks will lead to a cave.
  • Approach Cyrus in the cell near the back of the cave and he will plead with you to help him out. After a few minutes, Drog Blacktooth will return and attack you.
  • Take the key from Drog Blacktooth's body and free Cyrus from his cell.
  • Report your succuss to Cyrus and he will reward you with a Stillwater Blade.

    Find the Stolen Idol
    Blessing: +1 Beauty

  • Talk to the priestess in Stillwater and she will ask you to find the stolen idol of her goddess.
  • Speak to Marley in his home on the southeast edge of town. Take the key from him vy pickpocketing him or killing him and use it to open the door to the back room. You will find the statue in the large crate.
  • Return the statue to Brigitte, the priestess, to receive her blessing.

    Find Liam Cameron
    Black Root
    Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion or Mage's Dagger

  • Mrs. Cameron in her home on the south side of Blackroot will ask you to find out what has happened to her son. She will show the location on your map.
  • Leave Blackroot and go to Liam's Workshop. In the dresser you will find Liam's Journal which will tell you where he has gone. Open the locked chest and take either the Magical Trap if you are mechanically inclined or the Scroll of Disperse Magick if you are magically inclined.
  • Follow the path the begins at the front door of the workshop. Along the way, you will be attacked by strange creatures and you will find Liam's body.
  • At the end of the path you will find the portal from with the strange creatures are emerging. Whenever you kill one of the enemies around the portal, a new one will appear from it. Use either the Magical Trap or the Scroll of Disperse Magick to seal the portal and all the enemies will die.
  • Return to Mrs. Cameron in Blackroot and tell her about her son. Give her Liam's Journal and she will give you Liam's Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion or her Mage's Dagger.

    The Ancient Game
    Mysterious Gem

  • A halfling wizard standing south of the Mayor's House in Blackroot will ask you if you want to play a game. He will ask you a riddle. The correct answer is 'a clock'. He will then tell you to go to the Withered grove beyond the thieves camp to continue the game.
  • Another halfling wizard can be found northwest of the train tracks, across the river. The answer to his riddle is 'the spring'.
  • Follow the path north to find the final wizard. Answer 'fire' to his riddle and he will reward you with a Mysterious Gem. If you answer incorrectly, you will be attacked by undead. The Mystierious Gem will allow you summon a level 50 halfling wizard once.

    Collect Black Root's Taxes for King Praetor
    Black Root, Dernholm
    200 gold

  • King Praetor in his castle in Dernholm will ask you to collect taxes from Black Root.
  • Travel to Black Root and speak to the mayor. He will tell you that Black Root is now allied with Tarant instead of Dernholm. However, the Tarant guards haven't been able to get his dagger back from thieves.
  • Speak to D'ak Taan in the thief camp on the other side of the river by the train station. Either buy all his items from him, kill him and take the mayor's ceremonial dagger from his body, or pick pocket the dagger from him.
  • Give the dagger back to the mayor and ask for the taxes. He will switch his alliance back to Cumbria.
  • Return to Dernholm and give the taxes to King Praetor.

    Gladys' Ring

  • Gladys in Dernholm will tell you that she wants a ring that used to belong to her son.
  • Speak with Archibald by the dock and ask him about the ring. He will unwilling to hand it over to you. Pickpocket the ring from him instead. If you kill him for the ring, Gladys will be very upset with you.
  • Return the ring to Gladys. The only reward you will receive is her thanks.

    Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout
    Dernholm, Stillwater
    Master of Melee, Master of Dodge

  • If your dodge skill is high enough to become a master and you already have expert training, seek out Adkin Chambers in Stillwater. At first he will think you were sent by Sir Garrick Stout, but once you convince him you are only there for training, he will agree to train you if you kill Garrick Stout and bring back his eyes as proof.
  • Journey to Dernholm and speak with Sir Garrick Stout. If your skill in melee is high enough and you have expert training he will agree to train you if you rescue Lady Druella for him and convince her to marry him. He will mark her location on your map.
  • Go to the Lair of the Gyr Dolours and destroy them all to free the Lady Druella. She will agree to return with you to Sir Garrick Stout if you agree to kill him.
  • Return to Sir Garrick Stout and tell him Lady Druella has agreed to wed him. After he has given you the potion to heal the blind and pronounced you a Master of Melee, kill him and take his eyes. Speak to Lady Druella and she will urge you to hurry to Stillwater to heal Adkin Chambers.
  • Speak to Adkin Chambers in Stillwater and show him Sir Garrick Stout's eyes. He will pronounce you a Master of Dodge. Tell him about Lady Druella and give him the potion. His sight will be restored and he will thank you for everything you have done for him.

    Find King Praetor's Daughter
    1250 gold

  • Later in the game, King Praetor will have another task for you if you collected the taxes from Blackroot for him. He will ask to find his daughter you sailed to Caladon to be with the prince there.
  • Speak to Bernard the dock hand. He will tell you the captain sailed off with the princess in very bad weather and hasn't returned yet.
  • If you speak with Prince Auguste Farad in the castle of Caladon you will discover that she is not there.
  • Follow the coast southwest from Dernholm and eventually you will reach Razors Pointe.
  • Follow the path through the debris of the ship. On the front half of the ship you will find Princess Aria's body. Take the amulet from her body.
  • Return to King Praetor in Dernholm and tell him that his daughter is dead. He will tell you to keep the amulet and will give you a reward of 250 gold.
  • Tell Prince Auguste Farad of Caladon of the death of Princess Aria. Give him her necklace and he will give you 1000 gold coins.

    Free the Ghost of Bessie Toone
    Shrouded Hills, Dernholm, Tarant
    500 gold or

  • Percival Toone, in his house on the west side of Shrouded Hills, will ask you to free the ghost of his mother who is haunting the mine.
  • Enter the mine to the north of Percival's house and inside you will find the ghost of Bessie Toone who moans the name, Sarah.
  • Return to Percival and ask him who Sarah is. She is his sister and has run away to Dernholm.
  • Travel to Dernholm and speak with Sarah. She will tell you that Percival, her brother, sold the mine to pay off his debts. She will ask you to regain the deed to the mine and will give you the address of the person who now owns it.
  • Go to Stanton Importers at 25 Lion's Head Circle in Tarant and speak to Stanton. To get the deed, you can either kill Stanton or buy it from him.
  • If you go to Shrouded Hills and give the deed to Percival, he will give you the 500 gold he promised and Bessie Toone will no longer haunt the mine. However, he will mention plans to sell the mine again.
  • For a better result, bring the Deed to Sarah Toone in Dernholm who will keep the mine. She will give you an unidentified magickal sword as a reward.

    The Ashbury Cemetary
    500 gold

  • At the gates of the Ashbury cemetary you will find a human mage named Geoffry Tarellond-Ashe. He will offer you 500 gold to find out what is causing the dead to rise in the cemetary. If your alignment isn't too high, he will be able to join your party.
  • Inside the cemetary you will many zombies by some of the open graves. New zombies will continually rise from the ground.
  • Enter the building in the cemetary and go through the trap-door to the cellar.
  • From the cellar, enter the other trap-door in the southeast corner of the room.
  • Fight your way through the undead in the tunnels to the northeast corner of the area to find another passage.
  • In the room at the end of the long hall, you will find another room filled with the undead. Pick up the white object on the ground near the middle of the room.
  • Leave the tunnels and return to Geoffry Tarellond-Ashe. Give him the Gem of Malachi Rench and he will give you 500 gold.

    Kill the Wild Pigs
    50 gold

  • Speak to Theo Brightstart on his farm on the southwest side of Ashbury. He will offer you 50 gold to take of the problem he is having with some wild pigs.
  • Enter the field to the northwest and kill the three wild pigs.
  • Return to Theo for your reward.

    Move the Boulders
    50 gold

  • After you have killed the wild pigs for Theo Brightstart, ask him for more work and he will ask you to clear the boulders from his field.
  • In the field to the south you will find five boulders. You need to have at least 10 strength to lift them and eight-by-eight free squares in you inventory to carry them. Put each of them in the wagon next to Theo.
  • After you have moved all five boulders into the wagon, speak to Theo for your payment.

    Retrieve Theodore's Platemail
    200 gold

  • A man outside of 12 Trellis Way in Ashbury will ask you enter the building and find a platemail that the occupant was supposed to have improved for him.
  • Enter the house and defeat the mechanical arachnid.
  • Click on the trap door to descend into the basement. As you approach the large crate, an automaton will burst out of it and attack you.
  • Take the Basic Machined Plate from the chest and give it to Theodore outside for your reward.

    Sorcerous Beast
    Isle of Despair
    Serpentine Necklace

  • The guard outside of the village on the Isle of Despair will tell you about a sorcerous beast which has been attacking the village. He will offer you a magic amulet if you defeat the beast.
  • Walk around the village on the outside of the small river that surrounds the village and you will find some tracks near the northeast side.
  • Follow the tracks into the desert to the ruined building. Slay the beast inside the ruin.
  • Return to the guard to claim your reward.

    Find Some Objects from Shades Beach
    Isle of Despair
    Ancient Gun Chasis

  • Jones the Collector in his shop on the Isle of Despair will ask you to go to Shades Beach to find some objects for him. He will mark the location on your map.
  • Leave the village and go to Shades Beach. There you will find what appears to be the remains of a large mechanical fish. You will also find several ancient items scattered across the beach including two schematics.
  • Return to Jones and give him one of the items you found and he will give you an Ancient Gun Chassis.

    Deliver Goods to Maximillian
    Isle of Despair
    Norian's Potato Moonshine

  • Speak to Norian in his home on the Isle of Despair and he will ask you to deliver some moonshine to Maximillian. He will mark his home on your map.
  • Go north to Maximillian's house and give him the moonshine. He will give you a reciept.
  • Show the receipt to Norian and he will give you some of his moonshine.

    Help Cynthia Boggs Escape the Isle of Depair
    Isle of Despair

  • Cynthia Boggs in the village on the Isle of Despair will ask you to speak to the nomadic woman and ask them to come and rescue her. She will give you a White Scarf if you are a man.
  • Go to the woman's camp that has been marked on your map. If you are a man, make sure you are wearing the white scarf as you approach or the woman will attack you.
  • Speak to the lead woman. She will be unwilling to help someone who is unable to help herself. She will give you an Old Revolver to give to Cynthia so that she can try to escape.
  • Return to Cynthia and tell her what the woman told you. You can either give Cynthia the gun so that she can try to escape on her own and watch the guards kill her, or you can let her join you so that you can fight the guards for her.
  • If you helped her escape you can either bring her to the other women who will agree to take her in, or you can take her with you to the mainland.

    Tell the Wheel Clan about Thorvald
    Isle of Despair, Wheel Clan

  • When you ask Thorvald Two Stones on the Isle of Despair about the Black Mountain Clan, he will tell you his story. Tell him that you will inform his clan about his imprisonment.
  • Go to the Wheel Clan and tell Randver Thunder Stone about Thorvald to receive his thanks.

    Tell Lianna Pel Dar about Maximillian
    Isle of Despair, Dernholm

  • When you agree to deliver some goods for Norian on the Isle of Despair, he will mark the location of Maximillian's house on your map.
  • Go north to Maximillian's home and speak openly with him. He will tell you that he is the true king of Cumbria and that his brother usurped him. He will ask you to tell Lianna Pel Dar about him.
  • Travel to Dernholm and tell Lianna that Maximillian lives and that he is on the Isle of Despair.

    Retrieve an Altar Stone from Torin Quarry
    Vooriden, Torin Quarry

  • When you ask Edwin Wallows, a priest in Vooriden, if you can make a offering, he will tell you that the altar has been destroyed and will ask you to retrieve another from the Torrin Quarry. He will suggest that you take Murgo along to help you.
  • Leave the temple and ask Murgo to join you if you someone with a lot of strength.
  • Go west to the Torrin Quarry. Defeat the enemies there and pick up the large stone. You need to have an 8x8 area clear in your inventory and be able to carry 1000 stones to pick up the stone.
  • Return to Edwin in Vooriden with the stone and he will give you his thanks (but nothing more).