Side Quests

Crash Site
The Priest and the Bandits

Shrouded Hills
Stop the Bank Robbery
Find some Pure Ore for Lloyd
Destroy the Town's Steam Engine
Fix the Town's Steam Engine
The Thieves and the Bridge
Rob the Bank
Free the Ghost of Bessie Toone
Pickup Jongle's Package

Deliver Payment Notice to Mrs. Halster
Rid Mr. Plough's Warehouses of Rats
Retrieve Matthew's Wedding Ring
Find the Stolen Painting
Wilhemina and Jared
The Crystal Ball
Work for Madam Lil
End the Orc Uprising
Steal the Elven Funerary Stone
Caleb Malloy's Whiskey
The Boil - Pollock's Gang
The Boil - Damian Maug's Gang
The Boil - Help Sebastian
Thieves Underground
Steal the Golden Idol of Kree
Negotiations with Caladon

Search for Cyrus
Find the Stolen Idol
Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout

Black Root
Find Liam Cameron
The Ancient Game

Gladys' Ring
Collect Black Root's Taxes for King Praetor
Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout
Find King Praetor's Daughter

The Ashbury Cemetary
Kill the Wild Pigs
Move the Boulders
Retrieved Theodore's Platemail

Isle of Despair
The Sorcerous Beast
Find Some Objects from Shades Beach
Deliver Goods to Maximillian
Help Cynthia Boggs Escape the Isle of Despair
Tell the Wheel Clan about Thorvald
Tell Lianna Pel Dar about Maximillian

Retrieve an Altar Stone from Torin Quarry

Wheel Clan
Clear the Mines
Find Vegard's Family Heirloom
Thrayne Wants his Brother to Return Home

Investigate the Murder of Wrath
Free the Elf from the Bedokaan
Find a Volar's Wisp Essence for Whysper
Get Mithril Ore from the Wheel Clan

Free J.T. Morgan
Discover What is Killing David's Rabbits
Find Proof that Maxim's Air Machines Flew
Investigation for Lillian Misk
Negotiations with Caladon
Solve the Caladon Murders
Discover the Truth about the Panarii

Photograph the Lethe Wyvern

T'sen Ang
Free the Ogres

Ancient Temple
Free Torian Kel from the Curse

The Priest and the Bandits
Crash Site;
Blessing: Reaction Modifier +5

  • In a cave by the Crash Site, you will discover the spirit of Charles Brehgo, a bandit. He will ask you to relese him from his curse by killing the evil priest who cast it on him.
  • Travel to Arabalah's house, marked on your map. He will tell you that Brehgo and Fakrkus attacked him and his family when he tried to help them. In anger and grief from the loss of his family, he put a curse on them. He will ask you to retrieve a sacred artifact for him.
  • Return to Brehgo's spirit in the cave by the Crash Site and demand that he tell you where Fakrkus is. He will tell you if you lie to him and tell him that Arbalah will remove the curse.
  • Go south to Fahrkus' shack and threaten him into giving you Arbalah's Sacred Artifact.
  • Give the sacred artifact to Arbalah and he will give you a blessing which will improve people's reaction to you.

    Destroy the Town's Steam Engine
    Shrouded Hills
    2 Heal Lesser Wounds Potions

  • Speak to Jongle Dunne in his shop in Shrouded Hills. He will ask you to destroy the town's steam engine for him because it is disrupting his magic.
  • Enter the large building just east of the town well and destroy the control box in the back. To attack the control box, go into battle mode and hold the ALT key while you click on the control box. It will be destroyed when its HPs reach 0.
  • Return to Jongle and he will reward you with 2 potions.

    Fix the Town's Steam Engine
    Shrouded Hills
    100 gold coins

  • After you have destroyed the Steam Engine of Shrouded Hills at the request of Jongle Dunne, speak to Constable Owens and he will ask you to help them fix the steam engine (which you broke).
  • Inside the Toone mine on the northwest side of town, you will find the sprocket that Constable Owens needs.
  • Give the sprocket to Constable Owens and he will give you 100 gold.

    Pickup Jongle's Package
    Shrouded Hills, Dernholm
    70 gold

  • After you have destroyed the Stream Engine of Shrouded Hills, Jongle will have another job opportunity for you. He will ask you to pick-up a package for him from Charles Dolan in Dernholm. He will mark the location of Dernholm on your map.
  • Go to Dernholm and speak to Charles Dolan who runs the General Store. He will give you the package.
  • Return to Jongle in Shrouded Hills with the package to receive a reward.

    Stop the Bank Robbery
    Shrouded Hills
    Reputation: Hero of Shrouded Hills; Axe, Enchanted Sword, or a Revolver

  • Speak to Doc Roberts in his home in the Shrouded Hills. If you ask him for work, he will ask you to help him prevent a bank robbery. He will allow you to choose your reward.
  • Go to the Shrouded Hills Bank and wait for Doc Roberts just outside. When he arrives, speak to him and he will join you.
  • Enter the Bank and fight the bank robbers.
  • Speak to Doc Roberts after the battle to receive your reward. You will be considered the hero of Shrouded Hills.

    Find some Pure Ore for Lloyd
    Shrouded Hills
    Fine Steel Dagger

  • Speak to Lloyd the blacksmith in Shrouded Hills and he will ask you to retrieve some pure ore from the Toone mine.
  • Find a piece of iron ore and a piece of steel. You can find them in the Toone mine on the northwest side of town.
  • Become a Smithy Novice and use the Pure Ore schematic to combine the iron ore and steel into pure ore.
  • Give the Pure Ore to Lloyd and return a little later and he will give you a Fine Steel Dagger.

    The Thieves and the Bridge
    Shrouded Hills
    50 gold

  • Speak to Constable Owens in Shrouded Hills and agree to take care of the problem he has with the thieves at the bridge.
  • Go up to the thieves at the bridge just east of town. Kill them, or if your persuasion skill is high enough, you can persuade them that you are from the Thieves Underground and that they are trespassing and they will give you 200 gold before fleeing.
  • It is also possible to get by them if you agree to impede the town in its efforts to build a second bridge. To the southwest you will find the building materials. Destroy them and return to the Lukan and he will give you a key to cross the bridge. He will also tell you about the Thieves Underground.
  • Return to Constable Ownens after you have removed the thieves for your reward.

    Rob the Bank
    Shrouded Hills
    250 gold

  • Jacob Bens in the Shrouded Hills Inn will offer you an opportunity to make some quick money. He will ask you to rob the miners' payroll from the bank and will give you the combiniation to the safe.
  • Enter the Bank and either use Lock picks to open the door to the vault, or bash the door down by force. Click on the safe in the corner and you will find 500 gold.
  • Give Jacob Bens his share of 250 gold or else he will rat you out.

    Deliver Payment Notice to Mrs Halster
    80 gold

  • Ask Mr. Wright in the Tarantian Editorial office at the corner of Vermillion and Polton Cross for work. He will ask you to deliver a Payment Notice for him.
  • Go west down Vermillion to the corner of Vermillion and Devonshire. Give the Payment Notice to Mrs. Halster. She will give you 5 gold coins.
  • Return to Mr. Wright for your payment of 75 gold.

    Rid Mr. Plough's Warehouses of Rats

  • Speak to Simon Plough in front of his warehouses at the south end of Tarant by the docks, and he will ask you to rid his warehouses of rats. He can't afford to pay you, but he will allow you to keep anything you find inside.
  • Enter the north warehouse first (the unlocked one) and kill the rats. Take the key from the chest in the corner. The key will unlock the door to the other warehouse as well as all other locked objects.
  • After you have defeated all of the rats in the second building, return to Simon Plough and tell him that all the rats are gone.

    Retrieve Matthew's Wedding Ring
    150 gold

  • You will find Matthew Jameson standing in front of a sewer grate in the corner of Kensington and Devonshire. He will ask you to retrieve his wedding ring from the sewers.
  • Click on the sewer grate to open it, and then a second time to enter the sewers.
  • Take a left at the first fork and you will find a fancy ring in the next room.
  • Return the ring to Matthew to receive a 150 gold reward.

    Find the Stolen Painting
    300 gold

  • Speak to Evelyn Garringsburg in her residence on Devonshire Way. She will tell you that her house had been robbed a couple of days ago and that a valuable painting was stolen. She will offer you a reward of 300 gold if you can find her painting.
  • Speak to the door man at the Wellington at 77 Vermillian Road. For 50 gold, he will give you a guest list for the evening of the robbery.
  • Look at the guest list you received and on it you find the name of one visiter, Rorry Limes.
  • Go to City Hall at the corner of East End Avenue and University Court and descend to the Hall of Records in the basement. Ask the clerk for the address of Rorry Limes and she will tell you that he owns the building at 57 Mulligan Bone Alley.
  • Another way to determine Rory Limes' address is to do the Crystall Ball sidequest.
  • Go to 57 Mulligan Bone Alley. Either pickpocket the key from the Half Ogre or kill him and take the key from his body. Open the door to the back room and in the chest in the back room you will find the stolen painting.
  • Return the painting to Evelyn Garringsburg for a 300 gold reward. You will be in the newspaper the next day.

    Free the Ghost of Bessie Toone
    Shrouded Hills, Dernholm, Tarant
    500 gold or a Filament Sword

  • Percival Toone, in his house on the west side of Shrouded Hills, will ask you to free the ghost of his mother who is haunting the mine.
  • Enter the mine to the north of Percival's house and inside you will find the ghost of Bessie Toone who moans the name, Sarah.
  • Return to Percival and ask him who Sarah is. She is his sister and has run away to Dernholm.
  • Travel to Dernholm and speak with Sarah. She will tell you that Percival, her brother, sold the mine to pay off his debts. She will ask you to regain the deed to the mine and will give you the address of the person who now owns it.
  • Go to Stanton Importers at 25 Lion's Head Circle in Tarant and speak to Stanton. To get the deed, you can either kill Stanton or buy it from him. If your persuasion skill is high enough, you can convince him that you are a representative of the Industrial Council and scare him into handing over the deed to you.
  • If you go to Shrouded Hills and give the deed to Percival, he will give you the 500 gold he promised and Bessie Toone will no longer haunt the mine. However, he will mention plans to sell the mine again.
  • For a better result, bring the Deed to Sarah Toone in Dernholm who will keep the mine. She will give you an unidentified magickal sword as a reward.

    Wilhemina and Jared
    Tarant, Crash Site

  • One of the people who died in the blimb crash was Wilhemina. On her body you will find a letter she wrote to Jared, her boyfriend.
  • Give the letter to Jared. He can be found in front of the Vermillion train station in Tarant. After he has expressed his grief, he will ask you to speak to the stonecutter to commision a headstone for Wilhemina.
  • Go to 12 East End Avenue and ask the stonecutter inside to make a headstone for Jared's girl.

    The Crystal Ball
    Location of the Garringsburg's painting OR Blessing: +1 Charisma

  • Delores Beston in her home at 42 Polton Cross in Tarant, will ask you find a crystal ball for her. She will tell you that Madame Toussaude has one.
  • Speak to Madame Toussaude at 77 Devonshire Way. You will have to choose to either side with her or with Delores. If you choose to side with Delores and kill Madame Toussause, will be cursed, causing your charisma to go down by 1.
  • If you choose to side with Toussause, she will give you her crystal ball and ask you to give it to Delores.
  • Return to Delores Beston with the crystal ball. When you give it to her, she will be instantly killed. Take the crystal ball from her body.
  • Return to Madame Toussause and she will tell you the location of the Garringsburg's painting. If you have already finished that quest, she will bless you instead.

    Caleb Malloy's Whiskey
    500 gold

  • Ask Caleb Malloy, the tavern owner in the Boil, for work and he will ask you to deliver a shipment of whiskey for him.
  • In the center of Garrillon Bridge you will find a dwarf named Biggs. Speak to him and he will give you the Case of Whiskey.
  • As soon as you receive the whiskey, you will be attacked by Malek Nebb and his gang.
  • Give the whiskey to Celeb for your reward.

    Work for Madam Lil

  • Madam Lil runs a brothel on Devonshire in Tarant. You can get a girl for free if you do some work for her.
  • If you are a man, Madam Lil will ask you to retrieve a necklace one of the girl's left behind at a client's house. She will ask you to retrieve it without Mrs. Moorland finding out about her husband's activities.
  • Go to the Mooreland Residance at 46 Devonshire way and speak to the housekeeper. Either give her the money she asks for or threaten her to get the necklace from her.
  • Return to Madam Lil with the necklace for your reward.
  • If you are a woman, instead of collecting the necklace, Madam Lil will ask you service Mr. Frankin. She will promise you 300 gold.
  • Go to the Franklin Residence at 64 Grimson Way and speak to Mr. Franklin. After you are done, return to Madam Lil for your reward.
  • Ask Madam Lil for more work and she will ask you to collect an outstanding debt from Mr Langley.
  • Speak to Mr. Langley outside of the Dridesdale Inn on Vermillion. He will only have 200 gold and will ask you to wait 5 days before he'll have the other 200.
  • Return in 5 days and collect the other 200 from Mr. Langley.
  • Give the money to Madam Lil for another reward.
  • Madam Lil will have another job for you. She will give you a gift to give to Mrs. Regina Halster and claim it is from her husband.
  • Go to the Halster Residance at 48 Devonshire Way and give Mrs. Halster the gift. She will be very pleased.
  • Return to Madam Lil again for another reward.

    End the Orc Uprising

  • After you return to Tarant from Quintarra, you will find Captain Wheeler and some Tarantian guards surrounding the building at 15 Ten Hands Alley where several orcs, lead by Donn Throgg, have rebelled.
  • There are several possible solutions to this problem:

    Steal the Elven Funerary Stone
    250 gold

  • Cassandra Pettibone at the West Garrillon Bridge station in Tarant will ask that you meet her in her home to discuss some work.
  • Enter her home at 3 Lungtun Road nearby and she will ask you to go to some elven ruins and steal the elven funerary stone. She will offer you 250 gold.
  • Go east from Tarant to the elven ruins marked on your map. Kill the Dark Elves at the entrance.
  • Enter into the tomb and defeat the zombies and other undead there. In the room at the north end, you will find a large stone. Click on it to pick it up. It is a large item, so you will need a lot of room in your inventory for it.
  • Return to Tarant and give the stone to Cassandra for your payment.

    The Boil - Pollock's Gang
    1500 gold, Explosive Grenade, Energizer, and a Hand Cannon, OR a Scroll of Shrink, a Scroll of Nightmare, and a Scroll of Unlocking Cantrip

  • Speak to Miranda Tears in tavern in the Boil in Tarant and ask her for work. She will tell you about Pollock and his gang and will tell you that you must steal a Case of Ale to join the gang.
  • Go north and defeat the Half Orc guard in front of a locked warehouse. On his body you will find a key.
  • Enter the warehouse using the key you find and pick up the Case of Ale.
  • Give the Case of Ale to Miranda and she will welcome you into Pollock's gang. She will tell you that Pollock wants to meet you.
  • Go to the south end of the Boil and speak to the Half Ogre Bandit in front of the locked door. Tell him that you are here to speak to Pollock and he will let you in.
  • Speak to Pollock and he will ask you to kill his rival Darian Maug. He will offer you some equipment up front to aid you and will promise you 1500 gold when you are done.
  • There are two ways to get to Maug. One way is to go to the north end of the Boil and fight your way through Maug's men. The other way is by entering the restricted access sewers through an entrance in a building out in the water by the docks.
  • After you have defeated Maug, return to Pollock for your reward.

    The Boil - Damian Maug's Gang
    2025 gold

  • One of the Half Orcs in the tavern in the Boil in Tarant will suggest you speak with his Muggs if you are looking for work.
  • Talk to the dwarf in one of the corners of the tavern. He will allow you to join Maug's gang if you collect some money from someone and kill him if doesn't have it.
  • Speak to Mr. Larrs in his home to the west and demand the money. Since he doesn't have the money, you can either agree to pay his debt for him or kill him.
  • Report back to Muggs. He will give you your 25 gold reward and tell you speak with Damain Maug.
  • Approach the large building at the north end of the boil. Milo will tell you that you have to perform a task for him before he will allow you to enter. He will tell you to kill Treat, a rival gang member who messed with his girl.
  • Enter the building at the south end of the Boil, just west of Pollock's gang's hideout. Defeat Treat and return to Milo for a 500 gold reward.
  • Enter the building and speak with Damian Maug. He will agree to give you 1500 gold if you take out his rival Pollock.
  • There is a small building south of the Tarantian Docks that sticks out in the water. Enter the trapdoor inside the building to enter the restricted access part of the sewers.
  • Continue to the exit north west of where you entered the sewers and you will find yourself inside Pollock's house. Defeat Pollock and quickly enter the trap door again before the other gang members break in to the building.
  • Go back through the passage and return to Damian Maug for your reward.

    The Boil - Help Sebastian
    Sebastian will join

  • Speak to Mr. Willoughsby outside his home at 19 Pickwick Alley after you have returned from the Glimmering Forest. He will ask you to meet with him a City Hall.
  • Go to city hall on East End Avenue and speak with Mr. Willoughsby again. When you ask him about the city, he will tell mention some of its problems, including the Boil. If you persue this topic, he will tell you to meet with a Sebastian at Caleb's in the Boil.
  • Enter Caleb's tavern in the Boil and speak to Sebastian. He will tell you that Damian is starting to become a treat to the rest of the city and he will ask you to take him out.
  • Go to the building at the north end of the boil and fight your way through to Damian.
  • After you have killed Damian, return to Sebastian and tell him of your success. If you tell him your story, he will offer to join your party.
  • To get more of a reward for killing Damian Maug, join Pollock's gang (see the walkthrough above). You will accomplish the same thing, but Pollock will give you a reward as an extra.

    Thieves Underground
    300 gold

  • If you heard about the Thieves Underground from the bandits blocking the bridge in Shrouded Hills, speak to a man in Madam Lil's and he will direct you to the local contact.
  • Speak to Thaddeus Mynor at 19 Quilton Bend. He will tell you more about the Underground and that to become members, you must steal a map of the sewers for him.
  • Go to the Dept. of Water on East End Avenue by the university. The map you need is inside a safe in the building. To get into the room with the safe and to open the safe, you can pick the locks, destroy the door and safe with your weapons, or pick pocket the key from the clerk standing nearby.
  • Return to Thaddeus with the map. He will give you 300 gold and will make you members of the Underground. He will have other job offers for you.

    Steal the Golden Idol of Kree
    Tarant, Kree
    1000 gold

  • After you have become a member of the Underground, Thaddeus Mynor in Tarant will offer you another job. He will offer you 1000 gold if you steal the golden idol from the barbarians of Kree. He will mark the location of Kree on your map.
  • Travel to Kree. Either sneak by and fight through the barbarians of Kree to the east end of the ruins. There you will find an altar with the Golden Idol of Kree.
  • Return to Thaddeus Mynor with the idol for your reward.