Rooks The hero of the game. He is the only remaining Card Master and the last hope for the land of Elemen.
Teefa She is one of the daughters of the slain King Wagnall and has taken up with Ariel.
Salah The other daughter of King Wagnall. She was entrusted into the keeping of Axs.
Darwin A mysterious and independant man who joins your party and leaves it again on a whim.
Axs The last living Knight of Lexford and protector of Princess Salah.
Ariel His father joined with Galneon and betrayed King Wagnall. Will he live down his father's legacy or follow the same path?
Reinoll A wise old man living in the Forest of Doubt who can provide direction to Rooks.
Galneon A former court magician, he betrayed the King and claimed his throne.